My name is Chris and I am the founder of The Visa Coach and have been living in the US for over 13 years under various different visas, then Green Card, and now a US Citizen. I have previously worked in a visa organization and also participate in various Immigration reform groups, so have a very good understanding of the system. (as good as you can anyway…it is so complex and keeps changing!)

The Visa Coach was founded originally in January 2009 under the E3visa.info name and grew from being a humble blog dedicated mainly to the E-3 and H-1B working visas and helping people save money. Today it is a treasure trove of information, read by thousands of people every month, covering all US visas, Green Cards, US Citizenship, Immigration Reform, Legal points of view, Politics, Immigration Trends and more ….

It is for this reason through 2013, we rebranded our efforts given the publication of our book in 2012 and our expanded efforts across all of US Immigration to our more broad mission of helping anyone ‘Live, Study & Work in America’. Thus a new all encompassing brand was sought and hence The Visa Coach was born.

Hopefully I along with our many guest posters and other site workers, most of whom are foreigners, will be able to help share experiences  and knowledge to help you all achieve whatever it is you plan and dream for you own lives.

In March 2012 we were excited to have our book published A Foreigner’s Guide to US Immigration: How to Live, Study & Work in America, with the Kindle e-book edition published in August 2012.¬†It is available on Amazon globally and any and all feedback you have is much appreciated as we hope this might help in a small way in your path to a new experience of life in the USA.

Due to the sheer volume of comments and requests for help and information each day we have not been able to keep up over the last 12 months. So what we want to do is expand the site, expand the services, get more people involved in responding to questions and writing more information posts on common topics to help all of you. Please contact us if you are interested

We will always keep the site completely free but to help with all the running costs which are increasing due to the site expansion, please consider buying or promoting our book. There is certainly no obligation to help but if you feel compelled to do so, your generosity is greatly appreciated and all goes back into expanding the site offering and help services and paying for the operation costs.

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**as a disclaimer I should say I am not a lawyer but I give out this visa information to the best of my ability having gone through the visa and various immigration processes many times and having shared experiences with many others so I want to save you all as much money as I can with potential legal costs. Some of the policies change a lot and I try to keep us as much as I can but I do miss a few changes every now and again.