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The E-3 Visa is currently a working visa that is exclusively for Australian citizens to work in the US for 2 year stints but renewable indefinitely. There is a push for an E-3 type visa for Irish and South Korean citizens, however that is still pending. It has many of the same characteristics of the H-1B working visa with some important different differences around length, renewal, spousal working ability and dual intent with Permanent Residency.

Here are some more in depth articles from The Visa Coach about different aspects of the E-3 visa experience to help you.

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  1. Hi Chris, I have a PhD in Psychology and looking at employers in the USA. Professional licensures to practice in the USA are all being taken care of. A few private counselling and psychological service providers are very interested on having me on board and are happy to do LCA for me. However, they can only offer independent contractual arrangements. Does this arrangement pose a problem for an E3 visa? If independent contracts are not eligible for E3 visas, is there another way to go about it? The nature of the industry does not allow for many salaried jobs. I can get 2 or 3 independent contract arrangements however. What would be the best path for an E3 visa for sub-contracting?


  2. Hi there,

    I have a question regarding the E3 visa salary and prevailing wage when filling out the ETA 9035 form. I’ve been offered a job however, the expected base salary is $3,000 below the prevailing wage for my industry, but in the letter of offer it says I will also receive 10% commission on all new businesses I bring. That being said, this would bring my salary well above the threshold for my industry.

    So my question is when filling out the ETA form, would it be best to write the minimum salary for my position as there would be a high chance of receiving commission?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi guys

    I am an Australian citizen, currently living in London but am quite keen to explore opportunities in the US (New York, particularly). I work in Communications and Marketing and wonder how keen recruiters are in hearing from you if you are not physically in the US. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Chris,

    I got my 1st E3 visa this year on April, 2016. I haven’t started to work for my employer yet. In the mean time, I got another better offer from another employer and applied for another E3 visa last month September 27th 2016. Now US consular hold my new visa saying “Administrative Processing”. Now if I want to start working for my 1st employer and move to US, will there any issue ? My 1st visa is valid till April 2018. Please let me know.

    Thank you


  5. Hi There,

    I am in the US on a B2 visa and I want to know about transferring to an E-3 Visa and if I need to leave the country to do this. I’ve been googling but I can’t find much, is there a website that explains this. I haven’t been on an E-3 before but when I look online it says first time going on an E-3 you need to return back to Australia for the interview process. Is this true.



  6. I have a question with regards to E3 Visas and residency. I am moving to Canada to live however will keep my job in the US. Will the US allow me to maintain my E3 visa status whilst living in Canada?

  7. Hi Chris,

    I am an Australian citizen and I hold Masters degree in IT from Latrobe University , Australia. I am working in IT support industry from last 1 year. ANd I am willing to move to USA.

    Please help.


  8. Hi Chris,

    I have been denied entry on the ESTA previously and now have a E3. Is it ok to transit through the US using the E3?

  9. I am planning to transfer from a J1 visa to an E3 visa while in the United States. What is the processing time likely to be?
    Is there a grace period? During the visa transition, what happens to the working rights? When can I start working for my new employer? Is the LCA enough for me to start working


  10. Hi Folks

    I just used this company…check it out, it worked perfect for me…saved me so much money in return flights. Now living in the States with an E3 visa I can transfer when I locate a job. Soooo Happy (link below)

    [remove hyperlink] pmglobalcorp.com/E3%20Visa.html

  11. Hi,
    I am an australian citizen working in SAP with 13 years of experience, not able to find sponsors, would your team help me out.


  12. What are the restrictions on earning some extra money while you are in US on e3 visa. I was asked whether I can help some one out in a very short term 15 day thing and they will pay me for my time. This is no way related to my main day job which is sponsoring the visa.

  13. Hey hey,

    Is there a limit to the number of E3’s that an employer can have and if so is it a number of visas or a percentage of employees? For example a company of 100 people needs to have 80% American employees allowing for up to 20% E3’s?

  14. Hi Chris,

    I am an Australian Citizen and holding bachelor and Master degree in IT. Rightnow I am in USA on visa waiver program. Now I have found employer and I got all necessary documents such as LCA and offer letter and all. Now I don’t have anything to answer about Australian ties ?

    Please help.


  15. Hi All,

    We are actively looking for Australian Citizens, who want to work in U.S.A on E3 Visa.
    We will sponser your E3 visa and will get you the project.
    People who are having more than 7 years IT experience and having Australian Citizenship can apply.

    Please send your updated resume to my email,

    Email: jyothsnaa@sarasamerica.com

    We will reach you shortly….

  16. Hi, Is there a time limit as to how long you have to enter the US AFTER the start date specified on the LCA form? My employer put it down as April 1st however I want a few more weeks with my family before returning to the US. Is it ok to enter and start working about 2-3 weeks after the start date?

  17. Hi ! I’m looking to explore job opportunities in US via E3 route. Please ring me on 0414945456 for a discussion

  18. Hi There,

    Good Day,

    I am an AUS Citizen looking forward to apply for E3 through your agency.
    Kindly contact me at your convenience,
    Thank you.

  19. Hi
    i am a civil engineer with australian Passport , with some australian experience and overseas experience especially in marine piling and jettys. want to know about e 3 visa for civil engineers in america, my australian phone number is +61410739900
    my email is manish.ambady.engr@gmail.com

  20. Hello,
    If freelancing/contracting on an E3D visa, do you require a us version of an ABN/ACN to invoice, and later file taxes? Or do you just need your SSN? Cheers.

  21. Hi there,
    What happens to children on E3 D visas going to university when they turn 21? Do they need their own visa? If so, what type? Thanks in advance.

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