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As a great additional resource, we have recently published a book which you can buy from Amazon as a soft cover book or on Kindle (hopefully on ibooks and nook soon as well) and elsewhere about how to work, study and live in the US!

As foreigners ourselves we know firsthand how crazy the struggle can be as collectively we have covered the J1 visa (various types), F1  Visa & OPT, E3 Visa, H1B Visa, Green Card Application Process & Green Card Lottery along with various renewals as well as work with people who have had to endure the L1 Visa, EB-5 Visa and H-2B visa along with all the partner and dependent visas.

Between us we have also worked at US Immigration sponsor organizations so worked the US Department of State, USCIS, SEVIS, US Consulates & Embassies all over the world as well as helped individually here thousands of people every month with answering their questions on all the various posts. Basically we have heard and seen it all!

So we wrote a book with our collective wisdom over the years that speaks directly to living, working and studying in the US from a foreigners perspective. We cover things like;
– Visa application process
– Immigration documents & fees
– Which types of visa is relevant to you
– US healthcare
– Job applications and interviews in the US
– Who are the US employers that sponsor work visas like H1B & E3 and where are they
– Colleges and universities in the US and how to apply
– Becoming a permanent resident via a Green Card and then a US Citizen
– Marriage in the US and marrying a US Citizen
– Doing your taxes in the US
– Lawyer fees
and much much more…. all told from the viewpoint that you will understand because we were in your shoes ourselves.

Ultimately we wrote this book in such a way that we ourselves would have like to had when we first began and then throughout our crazy US Immigration journey and it is our hope you will find it useful as well. We appreciate all your feedback as well.

Good Luck 🙂

21 thoughts on “Living In The US

  1. Hi, I would love to find out more about relocating to USA. I have lived there 12 years ago, in florida, Boca Raton. I am very concerned bringing up my kids in this country. I would like your help and hope to move one day!!
    Have an awesome day and god bless you 🙂

  2. I want to work in the United States … Are there Americans want foreign workers to work for them. I hope for help.

  3. Hello,

    I am an Australian living and working on an E3 visa in Los Angeles. I am wondering if your book includes updated information on the current health care situation?

    I understand all US citizens and lawfully present immigrants are required to have heath care cover in 2015 or they will be financially penalized. I am trying to establish what that means for people in the US on the E3 Visa. As we are classified as “legal aliens” and do not have immigrant status, does that mean we are exempt from financial penalty if we do not have US health insurance in 2015?

    Finally, a heartfelt thank you for this excellent resource. You have guided me through 2 E3 Visa applications, making the whole process a lot less complex and intimidating than it would’ve otherwise been.

    ~ Kate

  4. I am a student from India and after completing my studies I have a wish to work in USA if anyone could help me

  5. I’m Ann.24 years old. My motherland is Sri Lanka but now I’m teaching at a kindergarten in china. I need to find any suitable childcare job in USA and need to get visa.and I have worked as a receptionist at a resort in sri lanka. so I have some experience in hospitality too. so if i can find any job in hospitality it’s ok. I need to ask that can you help me ?

  6. My dream is to live,work and study in the USA.whoever can help my dream come through please help.0708564978,07147222.

  7. My dream is to live and work in us I am an HNDundergraduate student in year

  8. Hello There my name is John Akwetey Yartey am 18 years of age,am a Ghanian and need help on how to live study and work in the USA

  9. Hi Cj I am not sure if my comment went through,
    I need your advice,
    I am a photographer and have been in the industry for over 12 years no degree but I have a large body of published work. I am keen to move to the US to continue my career in entertainment photography.

    I approached an immigration lawyer and found out I would easily qualify for the O1 visa but the fees were around $4000 usd and it could take up to 3 months.
    I also found a agent to sponsor me but she wanted to charge a fee also and I am not sure how it would work as I would need to work for multiple agencies or companies being a freelancer?

    I have read the O1 visa requirements and I match 5 out of the 6 of them, I was not clear on what the last one “Salary” was requesting can you please explain this to me?

    Can you tell me which visa would be better for me to apply for the E3 visa or the artist O1visa? Also which would be quicker, easier and cheaper for me to get the outcome I want?

    Being a freelancer having flexibility and freedom to work for multiple clients is key and also which visa is easier to extend or renew given that I want to live there longer term?

    Thanks Cj I appreciate your help,

  10. hello my name lavit from cambodia ,i would like to do any job in the usa anyone to help plz.

  11. Hi am from kenya and would love to live,study and work in the US,please make my dream come true.

  12. My name is Kasim Mohammed adem. from Somalia. I am vey exited to comment maybe I will be the winner. because American people are great people. please help me I wanna live, study and work in USA. and students at University my last year. faculty of Social Science department Public Adminstration.

  13. Hi I am a undergraduate student who just wanna study,live and work in the United States of America and to make a possible and good change over there… If you are in the process position to help pls contact me on +23491437257

  14. Hello please my name is Essien Emmanuel from Ghana. It have been my to study,live and work in USA . So please need your help.I will be happy if you could help me please.

  15. Hi, My name is Bulbul from Bangladesh .Well, I have applied for high school program in the USA. As a high school candidate please let me know my visa durability .As i want to mention you that I have applied for second semester of 11th grade. Further ,My uncle and my cousins are the citizen of US. Getting my PR , citizenship or staying in the USA can I get beneficial by them through relation? Please let me the process or else .As you know I have already applied. So, I am very eager to know.

  16. I’m a Rwandan with 28 years old. My nation is Rwanda and i need to find any job relates to travel and tourism in USA and i need to get visa.
    I’m now working in my country as a tourist guide and if i get chance to to come to USA i will do my beat to contribute in the development of travel and tourism. so I have experience in tourism and hospitality that means that i can so any job.
    I need someone to help me and it will be a helpful for me to get there for work and studying as well.
    Thanks !!
    Stay safe!

  17. My name is ofoke Andrew from Nigeria and my aim is to study and live in America, please help me out

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