Visa Resources

I just thought I would compile a list of random links I find very helpful to both get to the US and enjoy your life while inside 🙂

As this list evolves and your suggestions come in, I will improve the structure. Also check out TheVisaCoach on Twitter.

Find A Job In US
LinkedIn (best site for widest range of current jobs, recruiters & resources with simple application process)
Startuply (great for early stage companies particularly in tech)
Indeed (large repository for most verticals)
SimplyHired (similar to Indeed)
Craigslist (also good for finding apartment, roommates, furniture, selling stuff, dates and almost anything else)

Simple Legal Advice for Individual Questions (inexpensive for actual immigration lawyer opinions)

E3 Visa Info
US Government Official E3 Visa Consular Q&A
An E-3 Visa Journey From Search to Interview to Offer to Visa by Lynda
An E-3 Visa Journey For Company Founder by Geoff
An E-3 Visa Journey for Self Employed by James
IT Consulting Opportunities (unsure how good this is)
CXC USA Global Consulting (also unsure how good this but will look forward to the feedback)

H-1B Visa, H2B Visa & H3 Visa Info
USCIS H-1B Visa Cap Update (also includes cap updates for H-2B and H-3 visas)
H1B Info
US Degree Equivalency Service

J1 Visa Help

F-1 Visa Help
Estimate College Costs

US Immigration News
National Foundation for American Policy

Doing Your Taxes
IRS Filing
State Tax Rates

Social Life
Live, Study and Work USA on Facebook
Live & Work USA on LinkedIn
Living in New York City Blog (great practical resource)

Other Visa Books, Blogs & Forums
An Immigrant’s Tale – From Freedom to Slavery in the 21st Century by Deborah Peters (real life US tale)
Great H1B visa & F1 visa Resource by Red Bus 2 US
British Expat Forum
Quick Guide to Working in the US by Pulaski
US Immigration Blog by CM Immigration by Jennifer McFadyen
Maria Abroad – Being A Foreign Student
Expat Focus – All aspects of moving overseas
The Realities of Getting A Green Card – Hilariously told. Unfortunately sad but true