H1Base….in my opinion

Its funny while I am writing this post I have a chat window open for Live Chat Support at H1Base which tells me I have 0 people in front of me and I have 1 minute wait time, yet nobody comes.

I don’t recommend these people or company in any way or whatever it claims to be and this is the reason why and if you have a different story, please feel free to share in the comments section.

Before I first moved to the US to live 3 years ago, I like you was lost and did searches online and H1Base came up in the paid listing in Google along with numerous other people proporting to help you get a work visa (for a fee of course!).

Now after browsing through most of them H1Base seemed the most reputable as it provided genuinely helpful information and didn’t ask to charge you the moment you entered the site as most others did. Additionally the US Diversity Visa Lottery (or Green Card Lottery as it is more commonly known) run by the US State Department was mentioned on there as a simple form you could complete yourself to enter. This is entirely true, it takes all of 5 minutes and is as basic as a form could be and is FREE to enter. However many sites charge a fee to do this for you, claiming all sorts of things and difficulties you may have.
To me the only difficulty you could possibly have  is if you can’t read or speak English. However if that is your issue you wouldn’t be able to understand the site asking for your money anyway 🙂

So I digress, H1Base seemed reputable. It had as one of their offerings at the time and still does when I look at the site a guaranteed job finding service that will not stop until they secure you a H1B visa job (or E3) and you get your visa. On the face of it that sounds awesome given the relatively low price you have to pay (currently under $200USD) but has one major flaw. Ultimately regardless of whether they even do find you a job, there are a few bridges to cross.

Firstly the USCIS (US Customs and Immigration Service) formerly known as the INS, and Department of Labor have to approve separate petitions of the company willing to employ you and pay relevant costs.

If you pass that hurdle then you have the significant hurdle of the Quota for H1B (there is a quota for E3 too although has yet to filled in any year it has been running). H1B applications open each year on April 1 and the last 2 years at least they received in excess of 100,000 application on that first day alone.
So you can see instantly there is an issue. There is huge demand and even if you have ticked every box 100% successfully up to this point you can still lose out here very easily because there is an element of luck involved. Granted there are things that can help having a US Masters Degree or higher (which would have most likely cost you a lot already) which puts you under a different cap, working for an approved  non-profit/government/education institution which are often uncapped, paying the Premium Filing Fee (an extra $1,000) to help expedite your case and have access to your case officer by phone, etc. but in the end this is still out of yours (and H1Base’s hands).

Finally you have to be approved by the US Consulate that you apply too and you can be rejected there for a whole host of reasons either because of something to do with you or the company or both. Consulate’s are funny entities and can operate completely differently depending on the city or country you apply. Generally if you have paid all the fees, you haven’t lied about anything yourself, there is no criminal history, the company documents and fees are in order, etc. you should be fine but there are certainly no guarantees.

So H1Base claim of guarantee of a job and a visa does not mean much when they have no say over 95% of the process!

Now the suspicious aspect of this all for me is that (by the way I am still waiting for that live chat support I mentioned at the beginning) when I was in Australia and I emailed them asking for help, they answered all my questions quickly and fully and seemed very friendly. When I moved to the US initially under a J1 visa and was looking for a permanent work position and contacted them for help via email mentioning I was in Boston, I never once got a response.

Given I was in the US I also thought I would call their numbers as well but the numerous times I tried during normal business hours (given they are supposedly based in Florida and same timezone as me) i went through an endless look of automated answering options and no matter what options I picked I always ended up at a voicemail at the end. Very Suspicious I Think!!

When you look at their site they supposedly have recommendations from Monster and CNN and Universities and maybe its true and maybe it isn’t or it has been taken out of context but I’ll bet if those institutions knew about my experiences they may think twice about their comments.

Anyway I will be back soon again for more help….but otherwise Happy Searching!

CJ (still no response from their Live Chat…surprise, surprise!)

P.S. as a side note, read one of their ridiculous newsletter headlines and then obvious comments from someone from their company below the post (even though he can’t admit it)

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  1. just a question:

    did you use their service ? – I mean are you really speaking from first hand experience OR is it as you say just a personal opinion and assumption because they didnt answer your enquiry

    I really need an H1B to stay in USA or I have to go back home, and I’ve had bad luck trying the on Yahoo and Monster, and I’ve sent to lots of companies you list on your site (thank), but no results from anything and a lot of the companies you list don’t sponsor this year anymore so i need up to date information if you have some ?

    I ask because a friend signed up with them 2 days ago and they are re-writing her resume now and she likes them, and says they are next going to send her resume to hundreds of employers for her that registered with them this year (not last years list).

    so I’m not sure about it all and I hope you understand I need real facts (not opinions) to do whats best for me and my family, if you bought there service and had a real experience using it then thats different, but if you have not used there service and its just a personal opinion you have, it should not be good to lead me away from a possible good chance I have.

    you said you do the same thing as them for free – so can i send my resume to you to re-write it and you send it to lots of this years sponsor employers for me and keep doing it for me for a few months ?


    Also, i can’t see any mention of a guarantee on their site. They say they help get a job but they dont make any claim to guarantee a visa (dont know why you said that as there’s nothing there). But they do have a different service to help employers file visas with USCIS, is that it.

  2. Hi Rakesh,
    Haha it is amazing how people try hard to make stuff up. Is it because your traffic has gone down so far or is it beacause when you type in Google “h1base scam” there are endless results and people’s bad experiences. I guess the generic post that you did on my other H1Base post that I have seen you do on numeorus other sites pretending to be someone else doesn’t fly anymore so you try and put an Indian name and a different type of post.
    The truth is you probably made so much money a few years ago but with people being smarter, more info being available on the Internet and H1B numbers so far down in 2009, you are just desperate for revenue. The good news is people aren’t so gullable anymore 🙂
    Do you know how ridiculous your comments sound?
    Look read real comments on the site and you see when people make comments they talk about specific things but don’t talk about things like they are promoting a product.
    Your “friend” must be really stupid if they paid H1Base hundreds of dollars or whatever ridiculous amount of money to rewrite a resume. You can find so many free examples on the Internet and hey get someone on Craigslist to do it for you for $10 if you are that incompetent.
    If you need “real facts” about H1Base then why are you so concerned about an article titled “H1Base, In my opinion.
    The best thing about you writing this comment is that it is now here for more people to read when they search on Google to really see how much of a SCAM your site is and the attempts their owners go to pretend the products are legitimate. Then they can go to the British Expat forums or any other Immigration forum and read the same thing from many many people.
    The fundamental difference between my site and yours is that I try to help people with my posts and plainly state that I don’t have all the answers but hope this helps people in their quest. You exploit people by charging them hundreds of dollars for a service and guarantees you can’t back up.
    1. You can’t guarantee a job to anyone b/c you don’t hire people.
    2. If you could guarantee jobs, don’t you think in this economy everyone would flock to you. Obviously people don’t b/c you can’t
    3. Yes the list of employers I provided to help was last year’s as that is all that is avaliable. The Department of Labor hasn’t released this year’s list as the season is not over. The truth is that most if not all those employers are hiring H1Bs still (barring the TARP and bailout companies) just in far smaller numbers

    If there is one positive to come from this bad economy it is the hope the companies like yours cease to exist to exploit foreigners who have a hard enough road as it is.

    As I said thanks again for your comment it only helps me in my attempt to prove how bad your site is and how H1Base is a SCAM in my opinion.


    PS. As I can see what IP Address people post comments from, it is amazing that “Steven” who posted on my other H1Base blog post has the same IP address as you 🙂

  3. I only ask a couple of quick and simple questions, and said my own opinions and comments about a some very questionable opinions and comments you have made.

    and you threw your last reply back in my face with insults, accusations and false comments which were uncalled for and way out there!

    so, if I cut through your illegal activities, cover up and insults and get to the real truth – what you are really saying is this:

    1) you did Not use there services – so I can not believe anything you say about them.

    2) you have No real experience with the company but you make lots of false claims about them – I can’t see anywhere that they say they guarantee a visa like you say (anyone can check that) – so I can not trust your word

    I’ve seen loads of your spam reviews in lots of different places (most out there about this company are all written by You) – but the truth is you never even used there services, and, they don’t claim a guarantee visa — so your review posts are all false, misleading, unethical and very suspicious!! (maybe as someone else said, its because on all the posts you’ve made everywhere you always in some form deliberately market your own site – I guess this is a new form of desperate marketing)

    What I really get out of all this is – all your personal opinions, assumptions and false comments are worthless – just words with nothing real and no proof behind them, which makes me question your honesty and credibility.

    Your nothing more than a common criminal by publicly and illegally slandering a company. If I did have anything to do with this company you would have been sued a long time ago. It’s not my job to tell them but I am sure they will find out at some time. I don’t want anything to do with criminals. so this will be the last time I ever come to you or your site (and if you tracked my IP you will know I’m thousands of miles away from where they are in Florida!!)

    Your best advice and all you can offer me is;
    1) for a resume re-write service is to pay someone $10 on Caigslist — what r u on??, what rubbish will I get for $10 bucks!!. When I look at professional resume writing services on the internet they all charge $50-$200 (some are even more than that!!)

    2) use your list of completely out-of-date companies that sponsored visas over 14 months ago (are you aware of whats happened with the economy / companies / employment market over the last year!!).

    You claim on your site that you do ‘exactly the same’ as they do for Free – well, I took you up on your word and I now know that its a complete lie (all you really do for free is list a bunch of Old company names, which after spending a lot of my time and effort found out aren’t even sponsoring at the moment – its was useless help!).

    Underneath your mask you will say and do anything for your own personal benefit (thats not what people really want – people need the ‘whole’ truth and the real truth so we can make proper informed decisions, not decisions based on what you have now shown to be nothing more than a worthless opinion and masquerade.

    After my unfortunate time with you, my feeling is that you write like the media does – you just make things up and twist stories around, and do your best to Not telling the whole truth. I came here to ask a couple of simple questions, and one way or another I got the answers (but not in the way I expected). Your unprofessional behaviour (especially as you owner of this site) has made my mind up to go with my feeling and seek proper help rather than from someone who acts like you and gives bad advice.

    You have lost respect in you and I hope more people can see through you for what and who you really are. Now I realize you are unethically, unprofessionally and acted illegally, and after reading your response and insults, and using your useless services, and your disgraceful attitude towards people.

    Good bye and good luck. Sooner or later the real truth always surfaces and people like you always get what they deserve!!


    PS. I definately won’t ever returning here, so you can go ahead and post another one of your cover up story you want.

  4. Hi “Rakesh” or “Steven” or whatever alias you want today,
    If you came on here and correctly identified yourself as a member of H1Base and stated your case I would have respect for you. Since you make up fake names and pretend to be an advocate in such an obvious way, how can I respect such deception.
    Noone who reads your comments will think you are real customer as not even the most ardent Apple entusiasts on their forums spends as much time defending a company as you have here.
    I encourage all who read these comment posts to judge for yourself and I hope you keep your money in your own pocket and devote it to the already excessive consulate visa applications fees, airline fees, relocation fees and all other costs you have to endure to live and work in the US.
    Hey call H1Base’s phone number and email them your detailed questions as everyone’s situation is unique and see how good the replies are.
    Ask yourself when you go to Monster.com or directly to companies and apply for jobs and go through their 30min application process answering questions and filling in personal details, how anyone could do that for you 100 times and more over.
    In the end it is your life and you can believe sites like H1Base and see the people who represent them from their comments here or you can trust your own judgement and research and keep your money in your own pocket.

  5. Hi Admin (CJ)

    this is RAKESH and here’s my real honest thoughts as a viewer:

    1) for some weird reason you seem to spend more and more time spam-trashing a company that you really have NO experience with (it’s just your ‘opinion’ and ‘assumptions’ – which I appreciate, but now honestly can’t really pay much attention to on this matter because you seem to be taking it all too personally and emotionally – you’ve even dedicated your home page and almost most of your recent life to it – as I said before, it doesn’t make sense to me when you haven’t even used their services). Is this really your true character and how you react – make such extreme emotional based actions and comments for No ‘real’ reason (it has to make me logically think you have an alterior motive!).

    2) I came here originaly for your open opinions on US immigration as you write well – not to continually keep reading and hearing the same old boring stuff

    3) I really don’t care if you personally like them or don’t like them. Thats not what your site is meant to 100% focus on (which you and it seems to be doing right now – the same old same old gets boring very fast)

    4) I don’t like the way you react in such a personally offensive way when people make comments on your site – I hoped you would provide support – not insults and accusations to me.

    H1bas obviously has helped many people, and we all know there’s no 100% guarantee – but what you should do is not tell people things purely based on what you ‘think’ without any facts or real experience to back it up — we all know getting an H1B is a life changing experience and is not simple in any means. Although some people (like you) find it easy many people like me don’t. You shouldn’t destroy what may be “my” best opportunity (I didn’t mean to trash your company lists but they didn’t work for “me” – and I now need more help than that).

    Just be honest and I and others will respect you more and follow you. I’ve done a lot of research since your 1st response to me and lots of people who need extra help really like them and they do help people (and so does my friend – and she asked me tell you that she is NOT stupid 🙂 ).

    Release your ego and personal ’emotional’ opinions and start show you really want to work with and help people. It’s a much better way to achieve peace, harmony and success in the short life we have.

    I wish you good luck.

    PS – can you start giving a direct email and telephone number on your site anytime soon?

  6. Hi again “Rakesh”…why don’t you try a different name this time as then you can show more people like H1Base 🙂

    Like I said in my last comment, I am glad you keep commenting as it makes it ever more obvious to someone who visits this site what H1Base is really about and the nature of people who run it.

    When I first wrote about H1Base I was just skeptical about their offering but given that unlike many other unscrupulous sites didn’t participate in the Green Card Lottery scams thought maybe there is some legitimate component to them. It is only over time after hearing feedback and especially now with your comment posts “Rakesh” and “Steven” that I realized the true nature of the site.

    The fundamental difference between this site and H1Base is we don’t charge for anything as all this is here is blog of information with community discussion. That is a big difference from a service charging people like H1Base. If this were a business charging people for information, help or products, then we would have a phone number and location.

    In the end you can continue to say whatever you want “Rakesh” but in the end it is not up to me or you to determine anything. It will be the readers who decide whether your site H1Base is a scam or a service they want to pay a lot of their hard earned money for.


  7. Admin comments are really dumb and worthless. I am going with RAKESH statements and he is abosultely right about you. YOU HAVE NOT USED THEIR SERVICE THEN HOW THE HELL CAN YOU COMMENT. GET A LIFE YOU MORON.

  8. Hi ***stupidadmin,
    Clearly your rational arguments are so convincing 🙂 The fact that you don’t realize Rakesh is actually H1Base shows that you must be H1Base as well. Like I always say keep coming back here to post as it only means all the people here who read the comments will only be more convinced about what H1Base really is.
    Thanks again,

  9. Heh, I am sure that ******stupidadmin is also Rakesh.

    I plan to have a looksie around your site, as I am keen to get myself into the US (very sick of little old New Zealand!) Do you have any advice on where to start?

    I too have looked at H1Base, and plan to have a better look around their site, just in case, but I am always a little sceptical of companies with poor website design (being a web dev myself!) Hence googling and eventually finding your site.



  10. Hi Jono,
    Look H1Base does provide a legitimate value added service, and my original point in the post was that people should be aware that they don’t have control over the process so can’t back up their guarantees and that there are free and cheaper resources available for most things they offer as a service.
    However from their various comments on a couple of different pages on the site, I wanted to leave unedited so people can make a fully informed view on the type of company they are dealing with.
    Yes the US is a great country to work in with far more options than most. However don’t forget your country is without a doubt the most beautiful in the world 🙂
    A good place to start for someone from New Zealand would be (https://visacoach.org/2009/03/10/what-is-the-h-1b-visa-how-do-i-get-one-now/) and (https://visacoach.org/2009/01/19/which-are-the-best-places-to-find-a-job/)
    Good Luck,

  11. Hi CJ,

    I have read the little argument between you and Rakesh and i am not sure what to do. I am currently a student in the US looking to work here after graduation. I am currently a basic member of H1Base so i can see the job listing. It was $75/6 months but I wanted to check it out before I paid a full $250. Anyways- i was looking to take their 250 service because they say they will apply to jobs for you (only sending resume to sponsoring companies).

    After reading all this I am not sure if I should do it but here is my question:

    Do you know any other site that can help me find sponsored jobs? I have a list of the sponsoring companies this year (since I am a member for another 3-4 months) but I seem to have no luck in receiving replies for work. My resume is not half bad, i have experience in different fields but I am wondering if I am doing something wrong.

    The only thing about H1Base that I can say I don’t like so far is that their job listing is from many website (climber.com, careerbuilder…) so I am not sure if the listed openings are actually sponsoring.

    Anyways- I just want to find a NO scam company that would actually help me find a job (like a job hunter for international students)



  12. Hi Karine,
    Ultimately it is your money but like you say the lists of past sponsoring employers are freely available here and elsewhere. Getting a job as a foreigner is always a challenging process of many applications, interviews, etc. so expecting someone else to do this hard and long work for you in a professional would be crazy in my opinion unless they were spending a lot of time doing things. There are no sites I can recommend to you other than reading others experiences and networking as much as you can at business events as the best way to find a job is when you know the people doing the hiring or at the organization.

  13. WOW!!!! I was all set to pay the $199 fee to H1Base to begin my application process for a teaching Job in the US, having over 18 yrs experience in teaching and two Masters Degree, one in Education and one in Business Management, but it appears that my research has only begun. Any advice will be welcoming as I continue my research.

  14. I am actually with H! base and they have allowed me to create my Cv and offered a review of my Cv so they can send it out to employers. No luck so far, I actually receive a whole lot of spam mail since I’ve allowed them to send my CV to recruiters. It seems too dodgy and I am quite confused because they appeared a reputable company and iDID SPEAK WITH THEM BEFORE i PAID THE FEES. tHE RECUITERS do not seem to accept overseas applicants as this has been explained on several occasions. I wouldnt advise any one to join them. Save your money, you have a better chance at a green card.

  15. 🙂 that last comment just sounds way too obvious that it was “manufactured” (so do most on most sites!!).

    of course US companies accept overseas applicants (that’s a big part of what the H1B visa is for. US Citizens and Green card holders in the USA do not need a work visa !)

    Also, if you think you have a better chance at a Green card you obviously have no real idea about Immigration and how the Green Card has always been the “most” difficult work permit to get (duhh.. do some research).

    I’ve looked around it’s pretty obvious they are a real company, it just seems to be these made up comments from ???? (made up name people) that cast off false rumours.

    Get a life Kimberly or whoever you really are (who knows?? probably “Kim-petitor” or “kim-anti-immigrant-person “is your real identity 🙂 )

    Don’t be fooled by crazy comments people. Try it, post a crazy review on any site you want, and say anything crazy you want, about anything that you can think of, and make up any false crazy name you want.

    PSSS. I entered Pete as my real name because it is my real name. But I could have entered any name I wanted and said anything I wanted

  16. To start with, H1Base is a fraud company. They attract people claiming they will send their resume to thousands of companies, which has sponsored H1B Visa in past for similar field you are applying. They also claim they will help in preparing resume for you.

    We took their offer on face value, paid the money and realized our mistake when they replied back with the resume, which they were suppose to make more marketable. It was almost the same what we had sent them. They just did some copy-paste contents here and there.

    Comes next, their resume blast service, for which they claim that they will provide a list of companies they sent our resumes to. When we received the list, it had some entries like “0”, some companies which closed down few years back. We even tried to track down the companies and made call to them and ask them if they receive resumes from H1Base, and not a single one confirmed about it. None of them had heard about them and they could not even confirm if they received any resume with our name.

    When we talked to H1Base customer service agent about these, they were defending that the list is right and that the resumes were sent. Since they allow sending resume again after one month, we tried same process, and again this time we got the same list and when we called few companies the reply was same, that they have not heard of H1Base and also never received any resumes from them. We again talked to H1Base customer care asking them to provide some contact information of the companies where they sent to resume, but they refused to provide that as well.

    Overall I can say we did not get a penny worth of service from them and they also refused to refund the money.


  17. At the end of the day with any with any service you pay for just do whatever research you feel comfortable before making a purchase. You could buy an airline ticket on US Airways and you could buy a ticket on Singapore Airlines. Both of them will give you a flight but it will be totally different experiences. Same with buying a Mercedes or a Ford. Ultimately just assess the price of the service you are paying for and what it would realistically cost in terms of time and resources to achieve the benefits of that service.

  18. I don’t usually comment on thread but I spent about 300 box to get th premium service from h1-b. They seems ok but I did not get anything out of my investment yet. They redesigned my resume for me ( not a lot of improvement though) and sent my resume to a couple of companies. I know it’s true because I received one email from a recruiter asking me to apply directly to the company career website. apart from that, oh well they are not really useful. They have cool gadgets that allow you to see all jobs available on different website( monsters, gradstaff…) at once. This is by far the only benefits I got so far.

  19. Cj admin site is right, you get what you pay for. Like anything in life. Do it yourself or pay for services to help get better results. I haven’t used a company services yet but been trying myself for 8 months and it’s lot of hard work to get a company for visa. If u can afford it it’s better. We are all different people from different parts of the world. There is no guarantee for peple

  20. I really think whatever cj or for that matter admin said is right i am an indian looking for an h1b visa. so far i had given toefl and got 95 marks, obtained an i20 for study purpose. but my purpose to go there is to get a job while working so why wasting time i thought and was looking for a good job which is h1b. i have read the complete review and arguement of admin and different persons about h1b base i think as a married person i should literally let fall the idea of going to us and working.it was my dream but of no use now. let me work here itself in india.

  21. h1b base : what special from dice or monster. What companies they have that these job site don’t have. From IT job prospective I believe all the companies are posting their jobs on the good site, if they need their business, they need Employee, and if they need Employee they need to advertise.

    How we can trust that h1base having a huge database. And they will help getting a h1b sponser company. Are they serious, (as above mentioned they dont return call or they dont have a PHONE number.) One thing this site is good in sending good updates and from last 5/6 years I am seeing regular updates etc, but still wish they should have a phone number and some real person “Human being” not “computer” to answers call & queries to get more $$$.

  22. Please go to Terms and Condition in h1base website point nos 6.3 a) and 6.3 b) and decide.

    Though lot of people may have got job through h1base but ………………………………….

  23. I’m not sure about H1Base and I’m positive that spending around 200 USD on a service that is not guarantee is not too worth. I’m still looking for sponsorship but I’ve got some interviews and also an expecting company, and that’s all thanks to the Craigslist app I’ve downloaded for my android phone (CraigsNotifica), where I sent my cover letter with my resume attached to the companies that were listed on my search results. I have also downloaded the Monster and Jobs app but haven’t used them yet, so I may have more chances after I start using those apps. I just wanted to give an advice to everyone that’s reading this post: make a good cover letter, resume and spend at least an hour or two a day sending them to as many companies as you can (that match your skills of course) and I’m sure you’ll have great responses.
    – Gus

  24. Thank you very much for this post. I was almost convinced with the services offered by H1Base. I am not saying that I jumped into a conclusion that this company is a spam. All I am saying is that, if not for this thread, i would have not considered that it is one. Thanks!

  25. Even my career advisers at college tell me the data from H1Base.com is useless and out of date.

    Our college used to subscribe the services from h1base.com, so I had a chance logging into their system years ago. So difficult to use. So useless. I will not pay even 1 dollar for it.

    When I asked the career adviser how to use H1base.com, she said they no longer recommended it, because they received too many complains. Some students fall into the scam and paid hundreds of dollar for some non-existing services.

    H1base charges several hundreds to allow all students in one university to use their services. And then try to scam every student another 2-3 hundreds dollar.

    Anyway, H1base is just scam. Stay away from it. There are some many fake reviews and false statements about H1base.com, just be aware of them.

  26. Nikhaul, it sounds like you complained too much for something you say you logged into years ago, and paid nothing for, and then only posting a comment now years later… Doesn’t make any sense and you sound fake..  

    so I just asked my University (Oklahoma State) and they said they’ve been buying H1 Base services for 5 years. They said you only keep buying anything 5 times when you know how good it is.

    they also said they like their service so much they even include and reference them in the Universities Student Handbook  http://spears.okstate.edu/graduate/files/mba_student_handbook_2011-12.pdf (Section 17)

    and because theyre a  “State” University, which is Government run, they always have to extra verification of a Companies and their services before they get strict budget approval to buy anything

  27. Hello,

    I am a foreign student in USA too, and I am a PhD student in engineering with the age of 24 (plus 2 BS and 2 MS degrees), and for economical reasons I have to start working. Yes I am a Graduate Research Assistant but this is not enough to cover the medical expenses of my family. I am the only one who takes care of them.

    Is there any engineer here who used this service before? I am thinking of applying for H1Base. I checked their website and I couldn’t see any word regarding “guaranty” but the important thing is that I need to know what companies sponsor h1b this year. I created my own resume and I have already started applying for work. However, since my time is restricted, I really need help here. As a matter of fact I am also against paid services for this type of thing, yet when you are very busy with research, classes and exams, I guess some help could not hurt.

    Please let me know if you have any experience with this company and similar to that. And I was wondering, what are my options, do you think I have a chance of getting a job very soon with h1b?

    Thanks for your time and help. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  28. Hello!

    Thank you so much for this site, it really saved me the pain of losing money!

    My husband is an electrical engineer, (aeronautical), and we live in the UK. I an dual nationality and my daughter was successful this year in getting a green card.

    Can you direct me to the right place for my husband to look for sponsorship. We want to go out there to live eventually, but would like to get a work placement first to judge if the USA is for us. (I am sure it is!)

    Thank you for your help!

  29. I had a very bad experience, I was based in Dubai, where in due to uncertainty of jobs, we did a google search and found about H1Base, as they had three schemes, and at that time say around 2008 we had paid $275 for one of their schemes, under which they will prepare our CV and broadcast to various companies who are eligible to file a H1B visa for a prospective employee. As they claim in their site, that they will continue to circulate the the Resumes to all those employers till the person gets a job, we got the notification of list of employers where they claim to have sent our CVs, only for a month, say 4 weeks we receieved those lists. Later it was stopped, as I was given an account with my above email id and I use to log in, where I used to see a few regular updates of my resume broadcast, later on even that stopped, eventually my account became deactivated. When I followed up with them, which was just after two months of my association, I got a reply that I have to again renew the membership, otherwise they will not do this service whereas before paying they corresponded with me very regularly promising that this is a one time payment and they will not stop until we land in a job in USA
    So H1Base indeed a fraud company.

  30. I know of a person that owns restaurant franchises. Cany they sponsor me with an H1b visa en where can I find a list of employers and non profit organizations in the US who are willing to sponsor foreigners…

  31. I wish I had read this post before I gave my money to H1BVisa. I did use their services and I say keep your money. There were not many jobs on there anyway, and never heard a thing for a whole year. I followed up with H1BVisa to find out if I was doing something wrong, or how I could give myself a better chance, and while they didn’t admit it, there wasn’t a better way. You’re basically paying for nothing. It’s an expensive Linkedin page. And worse they will automatically renew your subscription without any warning that your subscription is about to expire and don’t give refunds. Although I decided to discontinue my attempt to work in the U.S. for now (not sure about a Trump America!); if I were to have another attempt I would approach recruitment agencies (and research reviews first) and even contact companies directly or look at their advertised jobs on Linkedin. I doubt it will cost anything to give it a go, and it will probably create way more opportunities than H1BVisa ever did.

  32. Hi there people
    I have read ALL the interesting comments and I have submitted my details onto the H1 base website
    I will update this website if as and when I get any progress or interest from any Companies.
    I am a Senior Construction Site Manager with 40 plus years’ experience and fully qualified.
    With the upcoming building programmes in the US it should be interesting to see what if any interest my profile gets.
    Watch this space.
    Tony F

  33. Hi CJ,

    I had about enough of reading the guy pretending to be Rakesh.. but I really needed to ask you some Qs since you seem quite knowledgeable about all of this visa malarkey. I’m from the UK, I recently came back from a holiday in NYC and I just realised how unhappy I had been living here and so I began my research into potentially working over in NYC.

    There are so many visas and it’s all slightly confusing but a few of the companies that “help” you sort of the visa stuff out are only accepting candidates with exceptional talents or degree+.
    I didn’t go to college, or university but I have built a strong resume from nothing. I have experience in fields people with degrees have trouble finding and I have done good for myself considering my experiences. I should also mention I’m not currently in education.
    I THINK the H1B visa was the one for me as I did a “visa workshop” thing but now reading these comments I am not sure. Do you know if I am on the right track? I have applied for a few jobs already and surprisingly have already had a response but I do need to know if I am looking into the right visa.
    Ideally I would like to work in the states for a year at least if not longer. Where is a good place to find H1B Sponsors? I’ve googled thing but honestly the only thing I find is random job websites that give me jobs unrelated to my field or ones I cannot apply for.

    I’d really love your take on this.



  34. Wow! It was for me extremely clearance!
    That so good who I found this comments about the H1 Base, because I’ll contract theirs services, but I am escaping of a trouble enough.

  35. BEWARE!!
    All the reviews you see on the web that are positive-are from the owner, Tony Jones self. They sell you the ”American Dream” and target especially young professionals and international students to obtain H1b or Greencard through their ”prestigious service”. They never answer a phone call, and never will deliver what they promise. Simply, they take all your money and run!

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