B1 Visa & B2 Visa Information and Guidelines

The B1 visa is issued for the Business travelers to the United States and the B2 Visa is issued to visitors who intend to spend some time in the United States just for pleasure. Normally these two types of visas are issued simultaneously.

What that would mean for you is in case you are already holding a B1 visa and you wish to travel to the United States simply for pleasure for maximum of three months then in this case you need not apply for a fresh Visa, the old one should be good enough for you.

But please note there are a bunch of dos’ and don’ts associated with both the types of Visas. I would briefly touch upon them in the under mentioned manner.

For a B1 visa traveler:

1. The person would be eligible to conduct negotiations.
2. He might solicit investment of different types or might try to enhance sales of products and articles of a different country.
3. Discuss and plan the above mentioned with interested parties even create legal agreements related to the same.
4. Attend participate or hold meetings.
5. He would be permitted to interview people for the purpose of hiring.
6. He would have all freedom under the sun to conduct any kind of business related research.

The under mentioned are what may be termed as don’ts, and to do them the person would need a working Visa.

1. No would be permitted to run any sort of business.
2. Any activity of gainful nature would not be permitted.
3. No payments may be received from any organization with in the geographic boundaries of United States would be permitted.
4. The individual would not be permitted to take part in any sort of sporting event as. However the person may be a spectator for the same.

People who would want to enter the United States as a visitor would be issued a Visa for a period of not more than six months; however extensions on the same are permissible to a maximum of another six months while in the United States.

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Tushar Mathur

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  2. Hi Alan,
    Nice to see you are promoting your own services. There are also many ways to go about all US visa processes without having to pay anyone so people should be aware of all options.

  3. Hi! Thank you for all of the wondefdul articles on this site. Its a great comfort to find advise and learn of other’s experiences. Im australian and looking to apply for a B2 visa to head to the states and find a job to qualify for an E3 visa as my partner is American and living there now . The plan is for me to go for the six months and live with my partner. I understand I am allowed to look for work under the B2 visa but shouldn’t be intending to immigrate. Im feel like there is a contradiction that Im going to america to try to immigrate eventually but according tonthe terms of a tourist visa I shouldn’t have intent to immigrate. Any advice on this topic and generally how to approach the B2 visa applicatio given these circumstances would be grately appreciated.

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