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Hi All,

The world of US Visas is crazy and daunting and I completely understand as in late 2006 I was in your shoes not understanding a thing and lost in the endless different types of visa coupled with their seemingly hard to fathom conditions, requirements and limitations.

So I have created this blog where I will update regularly the latest news, tips and insights as well as creating posts which answers your questions as I always wished I had someone during my first time. I hope this helps!!

Now primarily I will focus on the E3 visa but I have a lot of experience with the J1, F1 and H1B visa as well so am well versed in those as well as a limited amount on information regarding the H2B visa. There will be information on other visas as well and also all the related dependent visas like the E3D for E3, H4 for H1B, etc.

I will also comment on other websites about visas (pay sites, info site, attorney sites, lifestyle sites, etc.) as well general aspects about US life for the visa holder like social activities, finding a place to live, doing your taxes, health system, opening a bank account account, cell/mobile phones, etc.

So please feel free to comment and ask questions and also add your insights as sometimes experiences differ, particular in different parts of the country.

I look forward to speaking to you all soon…


17 thoughts on “Welcome to All The US Visa Information You Can Handle

  1. Hi, I am also interested in E3 visa: how long did it take you to find an employer in the US? A friend of mine was experiencing real difficulties – what about you?

  2. Does anyone know how much the e3 visa costs and whether employers are reluctant to pay? Do I need to find an employer before coming to America?

  3. Hi Kate,
    The E3 visa doesn’t really cost the employer anything although many choose to you legal people anyway out of habit. All they have to do is file a simple one page form which can be done online and then provide you with that form confirmed by Department of Labor in US and an offer letter. All the rest is really stuff you do and pay for. Yes you certainly do need to find an employer before obtaining the visa and you can only obtain the visa outside the US (unless transferring from another US visa but not Tourist status).
    Hope this helps.

  4. Hi Tati,
    It can take a while to find an employer and may be more difficult in current economic climate. The dilemma is that except in rare cases they are going to want to interview you face to face at least once but probably at a minimum twice. Now you can’t work until you get your visa and you can’t get your visa within the US so this presents a problem usually of cost for a lot of people. It took almost 6 weeks of looking and interviewing before getting an offer and that was virtually doing it full time every day…prior to that I did it sporadically.

  5. hello CJ,
    I am from India and I was holding 10 years valid B1 visa till 2015, I applied for H1B 2 years ago and due to my current employer being blacklisted in US and same turning into fraud document now by H1B is in windrawn status and B1 rejected. What all options do I have now to admit in US

  6. Hi Joanna,
    You are in a tough situation but just b/c this has happened doesn’t mean if you find another employer sponsor who is legitimate your H1B visa wont be approved.

  7. CJ,

    I may not get H1B but does it mean that i can never visit US again? what all options do I still have open?

  8. Hi Joanna,
    No if you get denied for any visa, it does not mean you can’t visit the US again. If it is for an obscure reason like you causing the violation by say a criminal act or overstaying, etc. then you may have problems but even then it is still possible.

  9. If I apply for waiver and later with my original docs apply for visa..is that possible.. Or simply waiver? To atleast rectify the mistake.

  10. Hi Joanna,
    I am not sure what you mean apply for a waiver. If you mean the visa waiver program and you are from an eligible country then sure you can do it. There is nothing you can do about past history denials to expunge it, you just explain that to an immigration officer if they ask.

  11. Hey CJ

    Do the employers have to prove that you are more qualified for the job than an American before they give it to you. I know that H1B can be like that. Also what is the Department of Labor form? Is that to state how much they are going to pay you? I’ve been told by a company HR that they won’t employ me on a visa because they can’t prove that I’m more qualified for the job than an American. Is this really a problem with the E3?

    Do I actually need to be more qualified for a job than an American on this visa? I’m currently on a J1 and plan on switching. Thanks.

  12. Hi Cj,
    I would be interested to know if you need to be more qualified than an American also.

    The other thing that I would like to know is whether there is a specific group or website that I can contact to find out if my specific job is eligible. From what I can see it is but I would like to make sure before I start applying for roles.

    My other concern is that I do not have a uni degree. My job level always has a minimum level of degree but I can get around this as I have 7-10 years experience & qualifications from a certified organisation that is highly respected in my field.

    Any suggests on someone that I can speak to to check these specifics, or if I let you know are you able to offer advice?


  13. Hi. My client is Australian working in US. Her E3 visa expired in April 2013 but she was already able to renew it and she was sent her Notice of Approval. A few days ago, she left US to go to Asia for a few days. On her date of return to US, she found out that her Notice of Approval cannot be used as a visa and that she still needed one attached to her passport (her other lawyer told her it was enough for travel back to US). What can she do and where? The only appointment available online is for a visa application but hers is just for issuance. Thanks.

  14. Glen the only document that is valid for reentry to the US in an unexpired visa. Renewing within the US after her visa epxired extends her E-3 status but is NOT a new E-3 visa. The difference between E-3 status and an E-3 visa is if the person is in the US they can continue to operate under the terms of the status (i.e. E-3) post the expiry of the visa as long as they don’t leave the US. So the I-797 Notice of Action approval just is an extension of E-3 status but not a new visa. However if they leave the US, then they need to get a new E-3 visa stamp in their passport or more technically an E-3R visa stamp as it will be a renewal to be able to re-enter the US.
    The I-797 Approval Notice of Action also allows someone who has changed employers but has an unexpired visa stamp with their previous employers name on it to reenter the US to continue working for their new employer. However in no case will any approval document substitute for an unexpired visa as a visa stamp is the only allowed entry/re-entry document. The only thing they can do is go get the actual US Visa at a US Consulate outside the US at a US Consulate in the same way they got the original E-3 visa. That is what would have had to happen anyway after any visa expiry and leaving the US post the expiry.

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