E3 Visa US Consulate Interview

We haven’t written an E3 Visa specific post in a while but thought given the huge recent influx of interest in the comments sections of the various articles on the site about Australians wanting to live and work in the US along with those already here wanting to renew their E3 visas, that we would cover a topic we haven’t covered in isolation before. This being the US Consulate interview itself for the E3 visa.

As a quick note if you go to our E3 Visa FAQs page, that is probably the most comprehensive central resource about the E3 visa we have and links to all the different articles we have written about different aspects of the E3 visa from cost to eligibility to find a job and all the specific E3 visa concepts within the US Immigration system.

It is also probably a fitting time to write about the E3 Visa US Consulate interview as the process has recently changed in line with an overall global change for all applications for Non-Immigrant visas. Since most people attend the interviews at US Consulates in Australia, I will focus more on the specific aspects to applying within Australia. The process is for the most part exactly the same if you do apply or renew your E3 visa at other popular locations like Canada, Mexico and the UK. The major differences lie with where and how you book your Interview appointment, how you pay the application fees and then how you receive/collect your passport with the new E3 visa.

So assuming you have secured an Employer who has sponsored you and hired you, the first and main thing they will need to do is file with the Depart of Labor, Form ETA-9035(e). This form documents the company information, information about you as the candidate, the role for which you are applying and its responsibilities and how much you will be paid with a couple of other miscallaneous bits of information. It is relative straightforward form for the most part and is completely FREE to file. It can be filed electronically or sent via mail to the Department of Labor.

The most important thing to note with this form is that the definition of the role has to show that a bachelors degree is necessary to fulfill this task and also the salary you are paid is commensurate with the average salary for that same role in that area of the country. This information is all on the Department of Labor site.

It usually takes the Department of Labor a 1 – 2 weeks to process this once they receive it and the approved version they send back to you is called the Labor Condition Application (LCA). You need the original version of this form to take to the US Consulate interview.

The only 3 locations in Australia you can apply for non-immigrant visas like the E3 visa are the US Consulates in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. So this may mean you need to travel if you live in other locales of the country. To schedule an appointment you need to do it online via the VisaPoint site. Generally you want to do this at least 4 weeks prior to get the date you ideally want as these fill up very quickly. It costs $14 AUD to schedule an interview (you get a pin which lasts for 90 days and login and reschedule this interview up to a maximum of 3 times). You have to schedule an appoint for all Passport holders who will be an issued visas. So if you have a spouse and or kid(s) who will be on the dependent E3D visa you need to pay $14 each for them as well. This is also a good reason why you want to book this in advance as you want to book all the interviews at the same time for all members of the family so doing this further in advance will help you.

Insider Tip: The booking system books multiple people for timeslots so just because your interview time is 9:00am doesn’t mean that is when you will actually be interviewed as there is a lot of waiting. In most cases to ensure you have the shortest wait time book your interview for the earliest time in the day which is usually 8:00am and arrive early. This means you will hopefully get an early number in the cue on the day and have your actual interviews without out too much waiting. The US Consulates in Australia in recent times are also more particular about the time you booked for. Where as in the past you could often turn up early to your scheduled time on a day and they would let you go through security and to the main interview area, now they seem to be not letting people until closer to their allotted time.

What to bring to the Interview itself?
1. The Labor Condition Application
2. Signed letter from the company (usually by HR or your department head) on official letterhead with job offer description addressed to you
3. NEW: Printed DS-160 online form confirmation page (includes a barcode and your picture you upload during the form process)
4. Printed VisaPoint interview time confirmation sheet (not usually necessary but doesn’t hurt to have)
5. A self addressed envelope with postage paid (I generally recommend the Australia Post Express envelope which is about $4.50 and has tracking code)
6. Confirmation receipt of application fee(s) paid for all visas at Australia Post (this has to be paid with a debit/atm card or cash NOT a credit card). Due to the current good exchange rate this is currently $157.20 AUD.
7. If you have Australian University degrees then usually just a printed copy of this will suffice. (it doesn’t hurt to have an academic transcript but is not usually asked for)
8. Supporting documentation (this can include business titles, mortgage titles, bank account statements, etc. to show ties to Australia for demonstrate residence abroad condition for the E3 visa)
9. If you don’t have a University Degree or either an Australian/US based degree and are proving that your experience, degree and other qualifications is suitable for the E3 Visa Bachelors Degree condition
then you definitely need to bring evidence of all of this like documented letters from former managers about your roles and descriptions and tenure as well as transcripts and course descriptions for other qualifications. It can really help in these cases to get a US organization to do a degree/experience equivalency to a US Bachelors degree assessment that you can also present. This a big area where additional Administrative Processing may be required and to avoid these long and ad hoc delays, it is best to be over prepared.
10. There are other lesser documents that are listed here and may be more suitable to you depending on your individual circumstance. If in doubt you may as well take it.
11. Just in case take 2 additional US sized (larger than Australian standard size) passport photos. This is in case the uploaded photo for your DS-160 online form is not deemed suitable. The US consulate websites in Australia mention a couple of places nearby that do US style passport photos.
12. Your Passport πŸ™‚

Insider Tip: I recommend bring a magazine and/or books to read as you can’t take anything electronic up there with you (you have to leave things like phones, mp3 players, etc. with security) and even in the best cases you will usually be waiting for at least 30 mins and usually for at least an hour or more for the 2 parts and usually more and there is nothing to do up there. The repetitive US Intro video on the TV can drive you insane so you will definitely be the envy of everyone in the room if you have something like a book to occupy yourself with.

The DS-160 form you have to complete online prior to attending the interview and you can complete this anytime after you have made your interview time and received your LCA confirmation number. You can complete this form in part and save it and enter in other information later. This form details things like all your personal information, recent world travels and travels to the US, complete work and education history as well as planned US itinerary and places to stay. You also upload a digital photo during this process which is basically a head shot on a white background. (an online validator will validate this photo when you upload and criteria is mentioned on the site) This is all done in the VisaPoint area where your originally made your interview. As mentioned follow completion you print out the confirmation form and at this point you cannot edit any form details. One of these has to complete for each visa recipient.

When you arrive at the US consulate you may have to line up before security calls you in small groups to register on a computer to get a printed badge. (have your passport number handy as this along with your name is entered at this point). All things you will take to the main room are put through an airport style xray machine and you have to walk through a meta detector. Any electronic items and things like keys are taken at this point and they will give you a number to collect these upon your return.

Insider Tip: Because of the long wait for this process plan ahead throughly with parking as if you are in the main area for 1-3 hours which is common this may cause havoc with parking fines and require you to go out to parking meters and then be reprocessed at security. If your number is called while you are out this can cause you to go to the back of the queue.

The interview itself is in 2 parts. The first time you are called you are essentially handing over most of the documentation to the person. He/She will collect most of the documents listed above and maybe ask you a couple of basic questions about the information you are providing. You will then be asked to sit down. The next time you are called will be the main interview and this is where you will be asked questions about some or all of the company, your role, your experience, your dependent(s) if applicable nd possibly your ties to Australia. How much you will be asked is very arbitrary and is often a combination who you happen to get on a particular day and what your circumstance is. Some people report getting asked one or two very basic questions where as others go through a full degree about all apsects of the application. Generally those doing E3 visa renewals at the same company with their original E3 visa will probably have a simple interview for example compared to those changing employers on their E3 visa.

In general the people at most risk of a more in depth interview session are those without University degrees, those who are applying to roles not normally associated with Bachelors Degrees, those applying to smaller companies who may have never hired a foreigner before, those with a lot of dependents and those who are Australian citizens but not natives and thus without extensive family ties locally. However as mentioned this is very arbitrary.

The wait times before and between each of these parts are usually extensive which is why I said to both bring something to read but also to be fully prepared as so often you see unprepared people who constantly have to leave to get letters or to pay fees and they end up wasting a whole day there or even coming back on other days which is an issue like I said because of how quickly the Interview slots fill up.

You will also give electronic fingerprints during this process.

At the immediate conclusion of Part 2 you will be told if your E3 visa is issued, denied or if administrative processing is required. In most cases where you are approved and you have them an Express Post letter you will probably receive your passport 2-3 working days later in the mail. If denied of course you will get everything back immediately with the reason for your denial. If you are going through administrative processing, you will just be told what they are going to review further and that they will be in touch. At this point you are at the complete mercy of the system as this can take weeks or months to complete and you really can’t find out anything meaningful about an ETA or what they are doing until they contact you.

I know a lot of this sounds daunting and scary but for most people they get an E3 visa at the end of this. If you are prepared completely and you follow some of the suggested tips I have outlined you should have a straightforward process and your Passport back with E3 visa inside in a couple of days.

Good Luck,

60 thoughts on “E3 Visa US Consulate Interview

  1. Hi CJ,

    I just wanted to say that I followed EVERYTHING on this post and I came out of it with an E3 visa as of this morning! Thanks so much for all your help. Although I don’t know you or anyone on this post personally, it helps to know that there are people out there going through the same issues. Keep up the really great work because everyone appreciates it.

    May your 2010 be filled with much happiness and success!


  2. Hi SP,
    Thanks for coming back and sharing your positive news and congratulations on getting your e3 visa. Enjoy your life in the US and please come back and visit us.
    Good Luck,

  3. Hi, I’ll be applying for my third e3 I recently got married to another non-immigrant, will this be a big issue at my interview? Has anyone else had a similar situation?

  4. Hi Calva,
    You should be fine if you married another non-immigrant and you just have to be open about it if they ask. If you married a US citizen or permanent resident then there may be a different path to follow.

  5. Hi CJ;
    I am on a E3 and married to a US citizen (haven’t done the green card yet). I currently have an extension (797A) till 2012. The problem is that I need to go overseas in August, and hence I have to apply for an E3 (again!). the form DS160 asks for my wife’s details and I am afraid they may deny the E3 visa as they may feel that I no longer fulfill the non-immigrant status. This would be horrible, as my wife is American. Do you see an issue here, or would I be better off applying for the green card and cancelling the overseas trip in August?
    Thank you for your help on this one.
    Its has been a hot topic this visa issue.

  6. Hi CJ,

    Do you know which consulates in Canada I can go to for the interview for the E3 visa? I have been advised by a management company that there are some delays in the Sydney and Melbourne offices and it is quicker to get the interview in Canada.

  7. Hey CJ,

    I too was wondering where in Canada I can go for my E3 consulate meeting, and also if anyone has any tips/experience with applying for the E3 in Canada?

    Much appreciated,

  8. I would like to hear from anyone that has recieved an E3 visa without a degree. I have over 20 years experience, trade qualifications and many other technical training courses. I have an offer from an American company and the job requires a degree or relevant qualifications. What are my chances of getting an E3?

  9. Hello,
    I just purchased an Express Post envelope for my visa documents to be sent back to me…did you use this (do they keep hold of your passport?) or did you use Express Post Platinum?

  10. To Julie,
    I am applying for an E3 without a degree, however, I do have a letter from a US based Professor who reviewed my work and has written a letter attesting to my skill level.
    I have over 25 years experience as a Senior Apparel Designer specializing in Ski / Sportswear Design.
    I have previously had an H 1 B without a Degree so, as long as the job description requires a Bachelors Degree and you have all the information you should be find.
    Are you in Oz?
    I would recommend getting a Professor or someone in Education as high up as possible to do an assessment on your skill level, and ability. I have reference letters from people such as the Head of the Aust Olympic Federation Winter Sports as well as Coaches and Athletes.
    I am not sure what your job descriptions is, but, it is about selling yourself to the interviewer so you need to market yourself very well Look like a Million $$’s get dressed up for the Interview, Suit, Hair, Makeup the full Monty (no not the full Monty) Good Luck cheers Marieka

  11. Hello to everyone reading these posts πŸ™‚

    I am in kind of a unique situation. I have recently got my E3 visa done on an initial job offer asking me to start work on 20th October (courtesy, this wonderful forum!). For some internal restructuring reasons, I have been asked to join in Jan 2011.

    Does anyone know if it is going to be a problem if I rock up in Jan next year on my current visa?
    I am sure the autorities will know that I haven’t been in US during my scheduled start date of employment.

    Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  12. Hi CJ,
    please if any one can assist me….
    i have found this website and seams really interesting and i feel i will get the assistance here. My H1b approved in oct2008 and i went for an interview at sydney office and they have asked me to provide additional documents for the company as it was small company.
    I sent the documents as required. and they replied to uscis on jan2009 that my employer doesnt seam capable to hire me and provided documents are not correct. We have provided the documents as required and same as when applied for the H1B.
    So untill now, i ahve been working in australia and became citizen. I am currently visiting US on visa waiver program and during my stay i met my previous employer to find that what is the status of my visa as i have never been informed that H1B has been revoked. They are still ready to hire me and sponser me. However, they have online realestate and mortgage business and have 4 payroll employers and 7 on commission. They ahve their own office building. but their revenue has droped from 2m to 1m because of recession. So what is the chance if i renew my H1B to get it approved? and should i renew the H1B or should do it through E-3? what is the best way to clear the interview at sydney us consulate office? and is there any other way to give the interview otherthen australia, like india or canada for higher approval chance?
    I have recently resigned from my previous job in sydney.

  13. Hi,

    I have a E3 visa interview tomorrow at Melbourne. I have booked my appointment using a pin at visa point. and in application form for visa i listed my wife as family member

    I filled DS160 forms for me and my wife and paid E3/E3D visa fees for both of us.

    My question is, can she come with me for the interview tomorrow or she need separate appointment with separate pin and application?

    Please reply sooner.


  14. Hi Milton,
    I would suggest you go through the Permanent process as a spouse of a US citizen as there are no guarantees on anything in your situation and being a green card holder in the long term will make all your situations simpler.

  15. Hi Gerard,
    The Canadian consulate wait times are usually on average longer for an interview than in Sydney or Melbourne. They have a few across the country including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.

  16. Hi EB,
    Many people apply for the E3 visa in the Canada and are successful so just take the same supporting documents and be prepared as you would in Australia. The US consulates in Canada are in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax with an Embassy in Ottawa.

  17. Hi everyone,
    Just wanting to inform you that it is not all beer and skittles applying for a E3 in Canada from our experience in Ottawa. The embassy there is currently (we were there, Nov 16th 2010) taking the stance that if you entered the US under the VWP (tourist visa) an attained a job offer, travel into Canada (out of the US but not back to Aus) they will not process you. Apparently they will renew e3 visas no worries but for 1st time applicants (like us) they will reject you without even looking at your paperwork. I am not saying this will definately happen to you but it did happen to us and cost us a good deal on money. Ring/email the specific embassy/consulate over and over to confirm whether they will process you. Hope this helps you, i had better get back to looking for flights back to Aus and Stdney, luckily I have an understanding future employer.

  18. Hi CJ,

    I just wanted to find out, with regards to bringing supporting documentation to the visa interview e.g. previous employer references, is it OK to bring printed PDF’s, some of the references I have have been sent from people living overseas, I don’t really want to ask them to send the original document on company letterhead by post to me to take to the interview. Can you please advise if you think the officials need the original version.

  19. Hi Joe,

    I wish I had read your post earlier… I just went through the exact same experience at Ottawa – on Nov 23. And now have to pay for the MRV fees again and trip back to SYDNEY. I also have an undertsanding employer!

    They really should make this clear on their website, when making an appointment and paying the MRV fees. Applying for an E-3 Visa shouldn’t even be an option on the Canadian appointment booking system – but since it is, it is quite misleading.

    So far, it seems like Ottawa is the only place taking this stance – perhaps, because it is an embassy, rather than a Consulate. FYI, I had a friend just obtain his E3 visa from teh Bahamas (would have been a nicer place to visit as well). This time I am not taking any chances and heading back to Sydney.

    Best of luck on finalizing your visa!


  20. Hi CJ,
    please if any one can assist me….
    i have found this website and seams really interesting and i feel i will get the assistance here. I am originally from INDIA and now Australian Citizen aged around 27yrs.
    My H1b approved in oct2008 and i went for an interview at sydney office and they have asked me to provide additional documents for the company as it was small company.
    I sent the documents as required. and they replied to uscis on jan2009 that my employer doesnt seam capable to hire me and provided documents are not correct. We have provided the documents as required and same as when applied for the H1B. And as per my employer my H1B has been revoked
    So untill now, i had been working in australia and became citizen. I have recently visited US on visa waiver program and during my stay i decided to find a job in LA. So i resiged from my job in Sydney and started applying few jobs based in LA. and ONE of the small CPA firm had agreed to sponsor H1B which has just been approved.
    As this is a small CPA firm with around 4-5 employees and which doesnt have any online websites. i need advice the chances to get visa approved and what should i will be bringing along during the interview………. also need advice for the expected visa interview questions and answers
    Thank you

  21. Hi,

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I followed everything on this website to the T and walked away (from the US Consulate in Sydney) with an E3 for me and an E3D for my husband. We haven’t actually received the visas in the mail yet, but hopefully tomorrow.

    Thanks so much for such an informative website – it was vastly more informative than the overpriced, incompetent immigration lawyer hired by my US employer!


  22. Hi Guys,
    I applied for my E3 in Toronto, Canada and was approved with very minimal troubles.
    I followed the website exactly, however was worried when i read about people being denied when applying outside of Australia.
    I did have the advantage of a Canadian working visa first and this may have persuaded the consulate to see me however they didn’t fuss at all and it went smoothly.
    Good luck to everyone applying and a huge thank you to all who have made this website so useful!

  23. Hi,
    I was at the Melbourne/Australia consulate two days ago for E-3 visa(Change of employed). I have been in US on E-3 for 4 years now.
    All went perfect and the officer said to me “OK, you will get your passport back in 7 days..”. I left happy. I sent them email to request my passport back (as I was booked on return flight to US) and I got an email back saying my case is in Administrative processing.
    I am really confused about this. Is this some sort of really brief administrative processing which is taking a week and the officer did not bother handing me 221 form or..? What do you think of this …? I am sort of panicking as It feels really odd.

  24. Hi

    Has anyone lost their passport & E3 visa while in the US? I know getting a new pasport is easy but do you have to go through the whole process again from scratch to get your Visa?

    Really panicking….


  25. I just paid my app fee at Aus post, it was Aus$409!!! The website says US$390. So, just be prepared for a big hit, esp if you read the article and were expecting $150.

    I have a Q for anyone who can help: I am a resident of Tasmania, I am meant to book an interview in Melb, but the wait time is huge. Can I book at Sydney instead? I already indicated Melb in my DS160..


  26. Hello

    I m about to go to Sydneyfrom the US for my interview on E3. I have two quick questions
    1) How can i know the exact amount of the app fees that i have to pay at the Aus post ?
    2)Except this Visa fees ( and of course the stamp on the enveloppe ) is there any more expenses on the E3 visa ?

    Many thanks

  27. Had my e-3 interview just then in Perth.

    Had an appointment booked for 8:30am

    So I rocked up at 8am. I was called to the first counter at 8:10. Handed my LCA, Letter of Offer, Passport, Envelope, Visa Issuance Fee Receipt, and Proof of Education.

    At 8:28 I was called to the second counter.

    He asked me about the nature of my new job, my employer (to make sure they are legit) and that’s pretty much it.

    I was out by 8:32am

    Hopefully get my passport in the mail over the next couple of days πŸ™‚

  28. Quick update, 24.5 hours later, I was holding my new visa inside my passport in my hand. WINNING!!

  29. Hi CJ,

    First of all I would like to thank you for all the sharing and information on this web site, I believe it is the best resource I can get regarding E3, thanks for the good work.

    I am a bit concern after reading comments from Joe and Norm about their experience in Ottawa for E3 application as I have just booked in my appointment in August and their situation might be similar to mine.

    I first enter the US last August with F2 visa and later had adjustment of status to E3 on Sept and have been on E3 status until now. I am changing employer now and going to Ottawa for the new E3 visa. What Joe and Norm mentioned is that the Embassy at Ottawa will reject first time applicant. My question is am I considered first time applicant? I am on E3 status for almost a year but never had a E3 visa. Will there be any problem applying my E3 there? Appreicate your advise. Thanks.


  30. I’m currently in America on a J1 visa. I have a job offer and was wondering what the process for me would be, since I’m already in the country? Do I just fill out the visa application form and send that off and get the employer to send off the ETA form?

  31. Hi ,

    I am currently in USA on L1B visa Now i am looking for change to E3 one of employer sponsoring me .Now i have a question here.Can i go attend the visa in Canada or better Australia .Please some help me on this its realy helps me

    Thanks & regards

  32. Hi,

    I am applying for E-3 visa, I am stuck at making appoint men with US consulate, am currently traveling in India now and got the job offer any advices is it wise to go back to Australia for interview or better to take interview in India itself to be on safe side. I believe attending from Australia might help for background check, please correct me if I am under wrong assumption. What would be a wise actio in my current situation

    Thanks in advance


    I thought it would be a nice place to visit while having my visa processed, but they will not process ‘out-of-district’ applications. I’m now trying to figure out whether to go back to Aus or take a trip to Toronto.

    What a waste of time and $$. Luckily the beaches are nice… not all is lost.

  34. Hey Seb, when you applied in toronto, were you able to pick up your passport the next day? And if so, in the morning or afternoon? I am applying in Toronto for my E3 next week. Thanks!!

  35. Hey, I was just wondering, I am currently on A J1 visa. The immigration lawyers for the company offering me a job said I couldnt transfer on to the E3 which is fine I was planning on going down to the bahamas to the consulate and just applying for the E3 there. My question is I have a minor criminal record and previously I have had to apply for the waiver and it obviously hasn’t been a problem as I am currently residing in the US on my J1. The waiver can take a long time, what will be the situation with that applying for an E3 visa? Thanks

  36. Hi Jac, interested to see how you fared in Toronto. I’m thinking of doing the same thing, but all the comments about troubles first-time applicants have been having in Canada is worrying me. Cheers.

  37. Hey guys,

    Just FYI I am applying for it in Ottawa, appointment is next week. Wish me luck! It was a pretty easy to get appointment, next available one is tomorrow. My employer is telling me their are most lenient.

    Anyone heard of being able to PICK YOUR VISA UP from the Canadian consulate? They are saying their courier it to everyone, but I’d rather pick it up so I can just get back to work.


  38. Does anyone have experience getting an E3 at Bridgetown, Barbados? I have had two E3s before and returned to Australia when I finished my last job as my new employer didn’t have my LCA ready in time. I came back to the US on a B1/B2 and now finally have the LCA to get my E3. Canada is impossible to get into but I worry how long the turn around is in Barbados.

  39. Hello, thank you for this, it’s so helpful! I can’t find the VisaPoint website, I think perhaps it doesn’t exist any more? Does anyone have any information about this? I have been trying to book my appointment through http://cgifederal.force.com/, but it doesn’t seem to show me the interview slots for July which is when I need to book my interview. Does anyone have any advice on this?

  40. Kulall it could be that they changed their interview system, check from the US Consulate website in the country in which you are applying. The reason why there are no slots in July could either be b/c it is all booked out and/or b/c they haven’t yet shown the avaiable dates. Assuming the site is legitmate my assumption is they could all be booked out already.

  41. Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to share my E3 visa interview experience. I got approved for my E3 visa and 3 days following I was able to collect my passport and US Visa from the post office. On the interview day, I was only there for an hour ( including the security checks). I noticed that some people were asked to show documentation to support their application, so my advice would be to be over prepared as you don’t want to have to have the process delayed because you did not have enough information available. I also advise people applying for an E3 Visa to dress appropriately. If you are a professional, dress like one. Dont show up looking like you just got out of bed.
    Be presentable.
    The interviewing officer will ask you a few questions in relation to the job duties you are to perform, your employer and/or company, and questions regarding any previous visits to the US. They may or may not ask about your previous education and work history. It is very important that you are honest in your replies. They can tell when
    someone is being dishonest and this will not work in your favour.
    By the way, you will need the original ETA9035E form, they will collect this prior to your interview and will hold onto it. Make sure it’s signed by your employer as well as the certifying officer from the department of labor.
    As long as you have completed and followed the visa process steps accordingly (as noted on this website) and you have your supporting documentation, there’s nothing you need to worry about.
    At that point, remember that you have done the best that you can and whatever will be, will be. Everything will be fine.
    Good luck to everyone!

  42. Interested to hear Kates answer on Bridgetown Barbados

    Does anyone know if dependents applying for E3D Visa can schedule interview at US embassy at same time as E3 Visa applicant interview or if the dependent needs to wait for E3 application to be successful and then attend their interview?

    We are only renewing our E3 visa’s, last time we waited and did seperately but I’m hoping this can be done together this time


  43. Hi Chip,
    Yes all dependent E-3D visas can be applied for at the same interview as the primary E-3 visa.

  44. Hi,even though i read all the threads in this i still have some doubts,if someone can answer i will be very thankful, I am in USA from past 3yrs on E3 visa working for an Company and now i got a good oppurtunity from another company,i got renewed from my current company in India in last December and now iam planning to go Canada for new E3 visa for change of employer,can some one suggest me please the process.

  45. The people most at risk are those who are Australian citizens but not natives. I strongly agree with this point. Especially If your background is from a Muslim country you case straight away goes to administrative process.

  46. Hi:
    I have applied for E3 visa and they have put my case in administrative process. How long i have to wait before I ping them?
    Can I apply for the E3 visa as I have the second job offer from a different employer or should I wait for the result of first E3 result?


  47. Hi Ashaar,
    If it is admin process ultimately it doesn’t matter when you contact them again unfortunately they usually don’t tell you much other than to wait. You could possibly tell them to cancel your current process and do a new one but could be a good chance the same admin process might happen.

  48. Hi,
    I have 13+ years of office administration, secretarial experience and a certificate in business. Would I qualify for the E-3?

  49. Hi all, I am now in the US, got offered a job and was thinking about going to Mexico to apply for the E3 visa. Do you know if the process from there is quite smooth. I was thinking about applying from Merida. Cheers

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