H1B Visa Deportation News

The recent deportation of a number of Indian H1B IT workers from Newark and JFK airports has sent shock waves through the H-1B community. H-1B employers, employees and their attorneys alike are flabbergasted by this brazen act of official highhandedness where individuals arriving on H-1B visas were singled out even before their primary immigration inspection, put through a sham questioning, forced into making coercive statements, issued expedited removal orders, and sent back! Their crime? They landed in the U.S. with legitimate H-1B visas to work for genuine U.S. entities, but at a location other than their office, i.e., at a client site or third party site!

H1B employees working at a client site or a third party site is a practice as old as the H1B program itself, and is not a violation of the regulations when supported by appropriate documentation. What is shocking is that the disgraceful action by CBP inspectors was triggered by an overzealous (mis)interpretation of a recent Memo issued by Donald Neufeld, Associate Director, Service Center Operations, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

At its core, the Neufeld Memo underlines the requirement of an employer-employee relationship that would last the entire period of the foreign individual’s H-1B stay in the United States. In such a relationship the employer should have the “actual” control or the “right” to control the employee, to hire, fire, pay, and to decide when, where, and how the employee will be employed.

Based on the experience of this writer in processing thousands of H-1B petitions over a period of more than 15 years (and attending to the resultant issues), this situation can be addressed with a little foresight, logical planning, and preparation and maintenance of appropriate documentation. Also, H1B employees should be educated on how to answer questions from overbearing government officials. Pardon me for saying this, a small minority of companies, through a lackadaisical attitude towards adhering to the regulations, seem to bring a bad name to the entire H-1B community and to the H-1B program itself, resulting in such sweeping governmental actions that affect legitimate H1B employers and put the lifestyle of unsuspecting employees and their families in jeopardy. Moreover, this supplies fodder to the anti-H-1B bogey that is becoming more and more vociferous in the light of rising unemployment in the United States. We, at our office, always make it a point to emphasize to H-1B employers and employees alike to strictly adhere to the governing regulations and requirements of the H-1B program.

As stated above, the focus of the CBP enforcement action is as to who the actual employer is. It should be noted, in situations where an individual works at a location different from the petitioning company’s office, the question is whether such petitioner employer has the “actual” control or the “right” of control over the H1B employee. When the H-1B employee works at a client site, or a third party site, the H-1B employer may not always be able to exercise “actual” control over the individual’s employment. But to maintain the H-1B status and be in compliance with the regulations, the H1B employer needs to prove the “right” to control, if not the “actual” control. There are various ways to meet the requirements of actual control or right to control, as we have been advising our clients, by ensuring acquisition, usage, and maintenance of appropriate documents. It takes logical planning under effective legal guidance.

In conclusion, we would like to remind our clients and other readers of this article that the government’s enforcement of the regulations can be expected to become stricter in the future, and appropriate proactive steps will save the employers and employees alike a lot of hardship and aggravation.

Guest Author

Morley J. Nair

30 thoughts on “H1B Visa Deportation News

  1. “Shameful actions”. Hardly. The government’s role is to protect the citizens of the United States of America. H1-B’s have destroyed millions of American jobs through incompetence.

  2. Hi Mark,
    Not sure how the H1B visa can have destroyed millions of jobs considering every study shows that knowledge gain has created far more jobs and welath for the economy and US worker than the one position filled by a foreigner. Additionally there is 65,000 general cap H1B visas a year so would take a long while to equate to millions. Nice to know people research the facts before the come up with “brilliant” arguments like yours.

  3. The government should completely abolish the H1B program, as with close to 10% unemployment it is unconscionable to be importing workers. Additionally, the quality and knowledge of these workers is not better or more advanced than trained Americans; rather, they serve as a cheap, docile source of labor that can be worked for long hours without any type of recourse if they complain. This works best for serving corporate interests (low labor cost) while robbing citizens of jobs. If the H1Bs were really that intelligent, they would apply their skills and knowledge to the problems of their own country rather than running away from their heritage and the poor condition of their own land.

  4. The H1B program allows a worker to stay in the country as long as they continue to work for a qualified, sponsoring employer until they leave that employer or a ‘critical’ date that’s articulated in their contract; at that time, the worker has to leave the country.

    But a ‘loophole’ in the system that’s been exploited for years allows the worker to apply with ‘another’ qualifying company before this critical date.

    They resign from one company, and go to work for the next, and this ‘resets’ the 6-year clock.

    In theory, an individual could work for 5 different employers for 6 years each, and accumulate a lifetime of work – which is completely contrary to the notion of a ‘temporary’ job program to attract highly skilled workers from overseas.

    It’s a sham designed to sink American wages, destroy American families and take away our ability to design or maintain everything from simple RF circuits to the complex networks that control our defense and security establishments.

    I say, ship them all back.

    There’s plenty of Americans that can do these jobs…there just aren’t plenty that are willing to work for less than scale, walk 2 paces behind the ‘white master’ and falsify data for their ‘manager’ out of expediency.

  5. Hi Citizens for America,
    So going by your logic, anytime there is unemployment immigrants should not be coming in because American citizens are out of work and according to you Americans are more knowledgabe and better trained. Well I guess let’s shut down Google, Yahoo, Intel, Paypal and 50% of all Silicon Valley startups over the last decade as they were either founded entirely or co-founded by immigrants. Then we can lay of the hundreds of thousands of Americans that work for them a which will intern lay of hundreds of thousands of other Americans in related industries and destroy the US economy and US government.
    The problem with people like you is you only listen to “talking points” of people who have an agenda and then make gross generalizations about everyone. That would be like me watching an episode of Jerry Springer and assuming every American is lazy, stupid and worse.
    Then your last point about whether people would stay in their own countries show how little you understand history. According to your logic no-one should immigrate ever as they should just stay with their own heritage and lands. Thus the USA as you know it would not exist.

  6. Hi Steve,
    This ‘loophole’ as you describe it is not actually a loophole, it is explicity written in to the legislation which by definition means it is not a loophole. Then the nature again you have completely wrong. If you are on 6 year period of the H1B visa, regardless of how many employers you work for in that time, the maximum work period is only 6 years unless you there is pending permanent residency application for you filed by your company. The only way you can have a new 6 year period is if you LEAVE the US for a period of at least 1 year and then come back. So yes people could work on different H1B 6 year periods, but not without breaks in between. Again so nice when people don’t know the facts of their own arguments.
    I guess when you talk about the Americans who can do these jobs and will always be ethical, you are talking about the great people at Enron, Worldcom, Global Crossing, Lehmann Brothers, Merril Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Bear Sterns among others.
    And obviously you don’t care much about the hundreds of thousands of US citizens employed by Google, Yahoo, Intel, Paypal and 50% of all SIlicon Valley companies as they were all founded or co-founded by immigrants.
    Again come back when you have actual factual arguments and not just a bunch of “talking points”

  7. You’re mistaken, and like many from the subcontinent, bear an inferiority complex which you compensate for by taking credit for everything from Silicon Valley to the exploration of space.

    Statements like in your first post, “according to you Americans are more knowledgabe and better trained” attributed to me never actually appeared in any of my posts.

    I merely said there were plenty of people here who had the skills to do those jobs.

    Why does it always come down to “who’s better” with you people?

    For much of the last 20 years, you people have been conducting yourselves with the mistaken impression that:

    1. You’re ‘better than Americans’ and
    2. The average American has the intelligence of an 8-year old.

    Wrong on both counts, Haji…the only reason you people were ‘promoted’ in this country was because the people with money to invest in new technology could get it done much cheaper in your sh*thole country than here.

    And if it weren’t for the internetworking technology that MY parents paid to have developed during their peak earning years, you wouldn’t be able to port your cheap work products into my country.

    You’re no better than anyone else. And when you’re given to hyperbole, you’re not even as good because you show the world you’re incapable of having a rational and reasoned discussion.

    The silent revolution underway right now is one that’s pushing our new leadership to start levying VERY heavy taxes on work products coming into the country via the internet OR on portable media.

    When that happens, you’d better go back to school for another PhD…maybe in ‘Turnip Farming Technology’, because your people are starving and you really should be doing something to help your own country, not steal from mine.


    Now, go away and sweep the street and shovel some manure, because that’s what your ancestors did 3,000 years ago and it’s your family job forever, or until that big, faggoty blue guy with 8 arms and nipple rings comes a-calling.

  8. Hi Steve,
    Yes your true intelligence comes through again by referring to other countries as “sh*tholes” and using broad generalizations like inferiority complexes. Hey many families in the US today wouldn’t have generation wealth if it wasn’t for slave labor and NYC wouldn’t have the best subway system in the world if it wasn’t for immigrant workers, working for next to nothing 7 days a week and dying on the job in unsafe work conditions. And all those technologies you say your parent discovered. Most modern advances if you want to really trace it back come from scientific breakthroughs made in China, India and the Middle East.
    I guess you don’t want immigrant stealing “your” country away because your worked so hard to steal itself from the native americans who were here before you. Nice to see the free education that your country generously offers you through school was wasted.
    Good luck to you because if history has taught us anything (and clearly it hasn’t taught you anything since you are so ignorant of most of it), it is that the lazy eventually lose and those who work hard, succeed.

  9. See…there you go again…”Most modern advances…come from scientific breakthroughs made in China, India and the Middle East.”

    Patently untrue.

    And once again, you put words in my mouth.

    My parents didn’t ‘discover’ anything, and I never said they did.

    It was THEIR TAX MONEY – the money they PAID in taxes – that funded research and development of new technology HERE, so that the corporations could send it to YOU to ‘tinker’ with, because your time is worth less than mine – only in terms of the standard of living and local prevailing wages.

    If you can’t understand this concept, and if you can’t respond without first READING my post, and then producing a thoughtful and reasonable response, then I don’t see the need to go on. You’re a kid with an attitude. Another ‘Slumdog Millionaire Wannabe’.

    And if you knew as much about history as you claim to know about all that ‘technology’ your people like to take credit for, then you’d be able to look at your own country, admit to it’s own shortcomings and then go to work to make it a better place, instead of ‘stealing’ from all those ‘wealthy’ Americans.

    Again…blue guy…8 arms…nipple rings…until then…

  10. Oh, yeah…another thing…don’t know why you see the need to use ‘Whois’ to identify me, but when I pull the plug, it won’t be just to change ISP’s.

    I’m going to disappear so you terrorist-wannabe’s can practice jihad on someone else.

  11. Hi Steve,
    Firstly not sure you are trying to insult as am neither from India nor Hindu. Of course when you have no good points to make why not resort to insults that make no sense and just show how bigoted you are.
    It case you hadn’t realized scientific discoveries that happened in the 20th and 21st century didn’t miraculously come out of nowhere. They were based on thousands of years of breakthroughs. The most important of which like the modern number system, calculus, the wheel, the printing press, etc. all were non-US. In fact if you go to any US academic institution and ask an American professor what they think the most important scientific breakthroughs are and where they are from, this is what they will say. The microchip, the modern internet, touchscreen technology, etc. are all just minor off shoots of much more groundbreaking technological breakthroughs before.
    Good luck to you because it is hilarious how bitter you are about life. The fact is I don’t care and nor does anybody else so keep complaining as the world passes you buy.

  12. Very interesting debate b/w e3 vs steve. I think there’s always way out. There is no doubt many IT companies exploited H1B, and many talented H1B workers contributed positively to US economy. I am against the fixed quota of 65000, it should be according to legitimate demand in economy, one year it can be 25000, next year could be 165000. At the moment economy is in recession and depression, its beyond understanding how USCIS approving petitions and approving visas. USCIS needs to streamline the H1B application procedure. There is no use of debate of H1B workers took American jobs etc.. Steve needs to read about World Trade Agreements when we believe in free world and free trade then we needs to be competitive in products and services also, this is where Americans lacking..

  13. Hi Khuram,
    I appreciate your input here.
    So basically what you are saying is there should be no quota and employers should be fluid to hire as the economy and needs dictate. There is no way you could set policies in advance of the economy as you only have to look at 2008 in Jan vs 2008 in December to see that policies set at the beginning of the year would be completely wrong. The USCIS is approving applications now b/c while there is 10% unemployment it is not across the board. College graduates have a rate of 5% and Masters PhD graduates are closet to 3% and then within all of those the job openings in the fields of math, engineering, medical, IT and other specialist technologies are still very high is why there is still a need for talent beyond what the US produces. It is what keeps the economy dynamic. The H1B visa is not for the types of work where the unemployment rate is very high.

  14. You guys are whiners! The people who got deported deserved it. They were probably working for some sham desi consulting company that doesn’t pay their workers on time or “FAKES THEIR EXPERIENCE” and sends them to client companies who are trustingly gullible! Me thinks the guy who is raising his voice against this has also come this way and got his green card unlawfully. Weed out the fakers and only put GENUINE foreign workers who are TALENTED and can SPEAK the bloody LOCAL LANGUAGE WHICH IS ENGLISH! NOT HINDI, MARATHI, TAMIL, TELUGU, CHINESE, SPANISH, RUSSIAN, POLISH, ITALIAN OR WHATEVER! Learn the bloody language assimilate yourselves and THEN complain if you don’t like it. Personally, I have many American friends who are lovely people and they’re always fascinated by me.

    So get a LIFE you whiners! Work hard and come to USA and shine. Then even people like Steve would say, “Well Done!”. Steve, I agree with you by the way whole heartedly!

  15. H1B candidates haven’t destroyed any American job. Those who crib, can you provide good American citizens for the positions that our company has? Our company needs atleast 10 integration architects in the US who have more than 10 years experiance in J2EE, SQL, Tibco & Mule. This position is open for more than 2 months. Can you arrange US citizens for this job? If you can then I’ll refer them and rest assured that they’ll be selected. If you can’t then what alternative does our company have other than hiring H1 workers?

    It is very easy to live in some ivory tower and cry foul over H1. What companies need is a practical solutioni to find good candidates for the positions that they have. And it is a fact that there is a huge gap between the demand and supply, if we are considering only the US citizens.

  16. Robinhood, if they were working for sham desi companies then why did the USCIS approve thier h1 visa in the first place? Why did the consulate stamp the visa after the personal appearance? After all this, do you think that it is justified to send the candidates back at the port of entry? If there was any question about the integrity of the petitioner, then the petition should have been denied.

  17. >>Steve says that his parents invested in internet revolution and also that: “The silent revolution underway right now is one that’s pushing our new leadership to start levying VERY heavy taxes on work products coming into the country via the internet OR on portable media.”

    Your parents (read American consumer) invested in internet technologies for a reason. The reason is to rationalize the cost of internet technologies. A decade ago people like Steve could charge a fortune for a simple e-commerce site to the American consumers and get away with it. This is not possible now. Skilled people from countries like India and China can offer the same solution for same or better quality for a fraction of the price that guys like you quote. Naturally, the American consumers are hugely benefitted. It is just anti-competitive guys like you who are insecure due to the tough competition offered by the Indians. And you folks cry foul and demand protectionism, so that you can continue to suck the blood of the American consumers. How pathetic!!!

    So, wake up Mr Steve. The “revolution” that guys like you are trying to start will be shot down by the American consumers, who are getting value for money from your Indian counterparts. You too can start praying to the blue guy with rings for salvation. :))

  18. Hey..Who is this Steve, Mark, Robinhood(of the Bronx..?? ) and all others who are posting such Nonsensical comments in this thread…BS… I guess u guys are Laid off and have enough time on ur hands to waste by posting such ridiculous comments…!!!!!!!!
    Below are some points which hopefully should shut u up….
    1. U and your forefathers were at one time immigrants…who didnt necessarily come to US legally…they all gathered at the Ellis Island to beg for a better life somewhere in the 1800s…
    2. A third of the US was part of Mexico and Russia before it was annexed by either some cheap means or forcibly (not to forget the bloodbath of the Indians before that)
    3. I got another point for u AHs… U know the immigrants pay a lot of taxes while they are in US (a lot of it in Social security Taxes). Now, once these hard working people go back to their countries cause of all the shit associated with Visas. So what happens to the SS taxes they paid… they lose it all..! Who gets it..(u should take a trip to SE Asia where u can find all the Vietnam Var veterans who are gettin their D***s sucked by under age chiks from their SS money…What can get more cheaper than this…hehe..?
    4. To Steve and Company…the IT field as you know it…is not just about losing jobs to Non americans…. its Big Business for people who want to stay in and stay ahead of competetion in this day and age..if its not India…it will be Vietnam in the near future…people like you cant do anythin about it…Face it..and stop cribbing..
    5. Ok..its funny when you talk abt assimilation…Dude.. The Black people in the US…have been there as long as the others…and they spoke English..all along…give it a thought…!!!!!
    6. Finally…I interviewed an immigrant candidate at my company..here in Seattle..and was not willing to select him… i told him i had another position for him if he was willin to consider… Cleaning toilets… after a pause..he said he will take it.. I will bet all my money and Warren (Yes..wareen buffets) money…that people like you wont do the same…
    So STF UP…and face the competetion… as they say…”Be a Man”.. 😉

  19. Nice and funny comments remove all expatriates from USA and stop trading with all

    “sh*tholes” countries.it will be better for USA and rest of the world.

  20. “Now, once these hard working people go back to their countries cause of all the shit associated with Visas. So what happens to the SS taxes they paid… they lose it all.”

    So what? Another problem solved if the H-1B visa program is abolished.

  21. Send them all back and make them validate their resume and experience.

    Tell me something – How can a person from India/Pakistan/ME, with NO indigenous IT infrastructure of the current technology we use here in the US, with only 2 years of experience, have no clear grasp of the US American-English language ask for the same wages and income as a US college educated professional with 10+ years experience?
    That is my question and dilemma. – I have an issue with that.
    1 – I have issues and take exception to someone that memorize the documents, yet when placed on the floor in the IT data center arena can not perform up to the same standard. – I have an issue with that.
    2 – When I have an interview with a person that CANNOT speak the ENGLISH language clearly to test my knowledge of IT that spans 10 years versus their 2 – I have an issue with that.
    3 – When companies like Yahoo, Google, Cisco, Ebay use these individuals (yes, I mean use) to expound upon IT literature without practical (real life) experience and reap record profits (Oh, yeah RECORD PROFITS) – I have an issue with that.
    4 – I recently read there are more unemployed IT workers than there are HB1 employed visa holders – I have an issue with that.
    5 – Prediction – They drive down hourly rates – by getting OJT at a cheaper hourly rate. Walk by their cubicles and you will see 4 -5 learning from a more experienced person to take learn IT operations when the others have no real life experience. – I have an issue with that.
    6 – They live 4 -5 in the same apartment household to save money. This drives down the American lifestyle that we live. Not to mention sanitation and other hygienic issues. – I have an issue with that.
    I personally could care a less at who gets the position as long as the hourly RATE does not drive the qualification. PAY FAIR US RATES for FAIR WORK.

  22. Very interesting debate b/w e3 vs steve. I think there’s always way out. There is no doubt many IT companies exploited H1B, and many talented H1B workers contributed positively to US economy. I am against the fixed quota of 65000, it should be according to legitimate demand in economy, one year it can be 25000, next year could be 165000. At the moment economy is in recession and depression, its beyond understanding how USCIS approving petitions and approving visas. USCIS needs to streamline the H1B application procedure. There is no use of debate of H1B workers took American jobs etc.. Steve needs to read about World Trade Agreements when we believe in free world and free trade then we needs to be competitive in products and services also, this is where Americans lacking..

  23. Reply to Ronin

    The companies that are interested in validating the experience already perform a thorough background verification before hiring/contracting anybody.

    You assume that people in India/pakistan live in stone age. :)) People out there access the same IT infrastructure that you use. They do banking online, pay bills online, shop online… essentially the IT infrastructure is pretty much global.

    1. Folks who cannot perform are kicked out by their employers. I don’t understand what is your issue.
    2. Looks like the person who interviewed you is able to keep is job, despite his poor language skills. What you need to think is, why you, inspite of being able to talk the local language, and having 10+ yrs of experience is unable to find a job.
    3. Ha ha, so what is the issue? So you’re saying that these individuals are doing a good job and enabling Yahoo, Google etc to make huge profits. Isn’t that what it is all about?
    4. I don’t know where you heard that. So many IT companies are desperately looking for good people to fill their open positions. If you are good, then you can easily find a job.
    5. Certainly. Welcome to the age of globalization. You can’t have it both ways. One one hand, you want globalization so that you can get products cheaper and have markets overseas, but on the other hand you don’t want globalization so that you can protect your hourly rate. :)) You cant eat the cake and have it too.

  24. Efby,
    I think you make a good point about jobs staying open for months before they are filled. Why? Due to the influx of H1B workers, employers are putting rates on this position that are not liveable wages. There are SAP workers from India making $30K a year. Where a person doing the same job is making $150. It’s evident that Indian workers will take any rate to take the job instead of standing up to these companies and demanding a fair wage. You must either be blind or looking at it through Desi eyes, but Indian consultancy companies will stoop to no end to place a non-qualified Indian consultant just to make a dollar. Sometime the consultant coming in doesn’t have a clue about it. The great thing is other Indian consultant won’t expose him which I think is admirable, but it very detrimental to the project. The offshore model and H1-B visa program has run it’s course…Why do I say that?

    The US is no longer getting the best and the brightest to fill these roles. There is so much industry happening in India the great and good consultants are staying in India and making a nice living. Back in the 90’s Indian consultants coming over would have never accepted the rates that are being offered today, so It says alot about the people being brought over.

    One thing you must understand is the money H1-B consultants are paid, 70 percent of that money is sent back to India and not infused in the US economy. I know you questioned the number of H1B Visa being a million. Your right it’s not a million it’s more. Since 2001 to 2010 there were more that 1,053,700 H1B visa issued.

    Now lets say due attrition 53,700 left to give us a round number. Let’s say the average salary paid is $60K – We know the consultant doesn’t make all of it because there is a sponsor that is also getting paid. But US companies are still paying the $60K a yr. Now if you multiply that X 1,000,000 – That’s $60 Billion dollars paid out by US companies. Now 70% of that money is being sent back to India. That money is lost in the US economy $40.2 Billion back to India…we know some H1B’s are making more and we know that H1B’s are making less.

    I am not saying H1B workers are taking american jobs nor do I care. What will eventually happen and you can see it in the local malls. H1’s are not spending their money in the US. They are not US consumers, they work here but they don’t spend here and that is the issue. If H1’s spent here the drain on the economy would be lessened.

    Note: Look at other countries, Netherlands, England, Sweden, France and many more are reducing their foreign workers much quicker than the U.S. it will only be a matter of time, when the US falls in line. However, the globalization and the influx of money that has been sent back to India, India will be alright.

  25. Avery,

    Thanks for a seasoned reply. However, I would like to point out the inaccuracies in the points that you’ve presented. For each job, there is a full spectrum of candidates starting from very good, mediocre, and very poor. The SAP workers that you’re pointing out are probably the worst performing workers. A good SAP worker, who has around 5 to 6 years experience can easily make $40,000 by working in India. He need not even come to the US. In the US, good SAP consultants are among the most highly paid. A good SAP consultant (desi or non desi) with around 5 to 6 yrs experience can expect at least around $100,000. Again, as I pointed out, you can always find some good for nothing guy who is willing to work for $30,000 as well. So it depends on the company whether they want to hire a good guy or a bad guy.

    As far as the placement of bad candidates are concerned, if the client company doesn’t know who is getting placed, then anybody would take them for a ride. However, professionally run US companies have strict processes in place. They do not let anybody in without proper scrutiny. Such companies insist on proper interviews and background verifications.

    Now about money sent back and stuff like that. You’re espousing old mercantile economic ideas that were put to rest by Adam Smith and the rest of the market economists. The economy doesn’t work the way you described. Anyway, it is beyond the scope of this forum to point out the flaw in the economic argument that you’ve put forth.

    None of the countries that you described are cutting back the foreign workers permanently. Of course, due to the present economic meltdown, most countries have put temporary controls. But otherwise the strategy of most of the European countries is to curb the inflow of unskilled workers and asylum seekers, not that of highly skilled professionals. Compared to getting an H1 visa, it is much easier to get a work permit to UK or Australia or Canada for a well qualified and skilled person.

  26. Hi Robin,
    Interesting name you chose for yourself considering your point of view. Robin Hood being someone who helped the downtrodden and you obviously someone who like to trod on those less fortunate. Of course there is not a fact in your argument just a bunch of unfounded assumptions and generalizations and of course an obvious lack of understanding of both US immigration laws and process as well as US history. So if you have an argument backed up by reasoning then please come back, otherwise good luck.

  27. Hi Efby,
    Your situation is an example of the practical shortage of US citizens in the Engineering, Sciences and Mathematical disciplines as evidenced by the demographics and nationalities of graduates of those disciplines from US universities. Yes a practical solution to Immigration would be nice 🙂

  28. Hi Efby,
    Thanks for sharing your views and facts as they always trump the hyperbole and gross generalizations of the naysayers like Steve and Robin Hood.

  29. all of you fucking indian pieces of shit, that think you have a right to come here and take Ameican job, can go-the-fuck back to your shit-hole country. Worry more about fixing the problems in your hell-hole country, then coming here and lowering wages and working conditions. You are not welcome here, and don’t be surprised when you get treated like shit while you are.

    Please do the needful and Warmest Regards fuckers

  30. Again lovely rhetoric “H1B Visa are bullshit”. I guess you don’t even realize that close to 80% of H1B visas are taken up by nationals of countries other than India which given India’s huge population is actually disproportionate. Again good luck being left behind, the 18th century says Hi.

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