Green Card Lottery Results 2011 (DV-2011)

The green card lottery (diversity visa lottery) winners are starting to be announced for Dv-2011 held online from October to December in 2009. So as we did last year we thought we do a general announcement post as well answer a couple of common questions we received over the past 12 monts.

You should note that being selected as a winner does not guarantee you a green card as you must pass some additional criteria as well in the application process. The actual DV-2011 visas will be issued between the period of October 1, 2010, and September 30, 2011. Applicants must obtain the diversity visa or adjust status by the end of the fiscal year.

Unfortunately those who missed out on the green card and permanent residency will NOT receive any notification but for the second year running, you will be able to check the status of their entry through the E-DV website.
You must have kept the confirmation page information from when you entered the DV Lottery between October and December 2009. The Status information for DV-2011 lotter is available online from July 1, 2010, until June 30, 2011.

Between May and July 2010 results should be sent out to the lucky applicants with an official letter from the U.S. Department of State Kentucky Consular Center in Williamsburg, Kentucky. All notifications are by mail to your nominated address and you should note that there is NOT any email notification. It seems like already people have started receiving their winning letters so hopefully this will be the case for all of you that read this post and applied!

The notification letters will have additional instructions, including information about additional forms and other documentation required as well as immigrant visa application fees.

The Interviews for the DV-2010 visa lottery program begin in October 2009 and foreigners who applied overseas will receive an appointment letter from the Kentucky Consular Center about 5 weeks before the scheduled appointment.

A couple of additional points to note.

1. Be patient with receiving the 2nd letter if you have received the first as sometime the mail is slow. The only people that you can contact that will give you any insightful information if you are a winner and received the first letter is the KCC.

2. Check the US government websites to see the current dates for your number if you are a winner

3. If you were a child on a winner’s application and since turned 21 after being 20 at the time of application, you are still eligible as your age is frozen. However you must take up the green card within a year as otherwise you will be ineligible

4. High School education or its equivalent as per the requirements of the primary applicant means the successful completion of a twelve year course of elementary/primary and secondary education in the U.S. or successful completion in another county of a formal course of elementary/primary and secondary education that is comparable to the US 12 year education system.

5. If you are currently residing in the US on another non-immigrant visa, you are able to adjust your status within the US if you are a winner

Also FYI, the Green Card Lottery (DV-2012) will begin in October 2009 for those wanting to enter this year with more information about this lottery due by September.

Good Luck


81 thoughts on “Green Card Lottery Results 2011 (DV-2011)

  1. Hi,

    I am one of the applicants for the 2011 diversity visa lottery and was wondering if any winning applicants had received their letter of offer yet. I believe they normally arrive towards the end of May beginning of June.

    Kind regards,


  2. Hi Mike,
    Seeing comments here from Kenya to Europe to foreigners who are currently within the US since early May says that many winners have already been notified by mail.

  3. Thanks CJ.

    I am in Dublin, Ireland. Will be keeping my fingers crossed and watching the post box for the next few weeks.


  4. My spouse is the winner of DV 2011 with case No. 2011AF00025xxx and we filled the forms and sent to KCC. But I am hasitated the date and month (not the year) of birth may be filled wrongly on the first EDV entrance. But now we filled the forms with the correct date and month. This mistakes usually occured due to the improper records of the birth date in rural part of my country (Ethiopia). Is such a mistake make me disqualify?


  5. I play 2010 visa lottery please when is Results is coming out?

  6. I am Ghanaian and a friend of my won the lottery 2years ago and now he is in the US. I posted my photos and particulars to him to proses for me. I received a call from him on may this year that I have won the lottery, so I should pay something to an agent who processed the form before I can even get assessed to my winning document since he is having the confirmation code.please what can you do on this matter to retrieve the document from the second holder and to be sure if I am truly a winner.

  7. Maxwell,

    While I don’t know your friend it sounds to me that what you are beign told had ‘scam’ written all over. I would suggest you pay nothing until you have been sent the confirmation code and have verified it for yourself online after July 1st.


  8. Hi Maxwell,
    I would never pay anyone anything unless you can confirm on the website with your confirmation number. There are so many Green Card Lottery Scams and because the lottery is completely free, there is no need to pay anyone money for anything.
    There is nothing I can say to help you get your confirmation number as outside of contacting a lawyer and threatening to sue the person unless they give it to you, there is not much that can be done.

  9. Hi Dereje,
    You can explain fully the nature of your birth date discrepancy in your Interview after you receive the 2nd letter.

  10. Hi CJ

    Thanks a lot for your advise. That means we can get the the 2nd letter or this will not be the reason to get the 2nd letter. We will be ready to explain fully the nature of the discrepancy at the time of interview.

    thanks and best regards

  11. Please, I need your help ! I can’t find the fee of DV program !!
    I’ve been selected for the DV-2011 but I’m stuck now. I already sent forms ( DSP-122 DS-230 ) to KCC, also I choose to adjust my status in U.S because I’m here with F-1.
    I’ve recieved the second letter from KCC last week and told me to make payment but I couldn’t find the fee of DV program…
    The instruction page is
    I’ve looked at all pages but I couldn’t find it. Maybe I was looking at wrong page ???
    Please, Please, Please can anyone tell me what to do ?
    Thank you.

  12. Hi ! would u please tell me ? How can i search my confirmation number in DV 2011 result …

  13. I checked through the DV website and found that I have been selected for DV-2011. But the fact is that I’m still under 18 and going to be 18 only in January, 2011 though I’ve completed high school education, and I’m doing the study at College currently. So I’m wondering if I would be disqualified for further processing because of being under age. So far, I havn’t received any notification letter by mail.

  14. Please, I need your help ! I can’t find the fee of DV program !!
    would u please tell me ? How can i search my confirmation number in DV 2011 result … thank.

  15. hello everyone
    I’m Heinn from Burma and I was selected as DV 2011 according to I still haven’t got my selectee letter by postal mail and I tried to contact KCC by email on Aug 1 2010 with providing my confirmation no , full name, date of birth and country, .But they reply with following as
    “Thank you for your inquiry,
    You must visit the Department of State website at where you will find instructions and forms for completing the required processing steps. Once your forms have been received, and your selection has been confirmed, your case will continue processing.
    The omission of your case number on the forms will not affect the processing of your case. It is not necessary to submit additional forms to amend this mistake.
    The failure to include the bar code sheet with your forms will not affect the processing of your case. It is not necessary to submit the bar code sheet to KCC if you have already sent your forms.”
    So what do they mean that? I hoped they would send to me by email but how can they reply with that?
    Please explain me

  16. i want to see my comfirmation number in DV in 2011result if it’s possible i need some explanation from u………….tnx

  17. I won DV-2011 and recivied the notification letter and filled sent to KCC immidatily. so, when I did get second letter? when I will get the letter before the interview date?

    please share you idea

    God Bless You!!!!!!!!

  18. I am balu from ethiopia and I recived first NL of DV-2011 and sent back to KCC. My case number is cuuernt on october 2010, I am single, graduate with master degree. However, my place of birth is differently written in my education certificate and DV-2011 application form.Therefore, I want your suggestion on
    1. How can I convience the interviwer?
    2. Depending up on my history stated above, what type of question asked by during the interview date? please list them.

  19. Good day Am wondering if the results of 2011 are out and how can we check it through the internet.
    thanks for understanding

  20. Hello good day
    I wish to ask how to check the 2011 result for dv lottery through internet

  21. dear sir madam

    i won dv 2011 and my case number from asia 5273 and i have sent my forms and kcc email me back and told me that have been got my forms in timly manner and is waitting to porcssed and i caled them totday they told me check after 3 weeks so my question its mean that i have chance to interview
    give me you adivce

    thx alot

  22. i have forgotten my confirmation number….can i use my case number…and how?my case number is 2181 from nigeria

  23. To Heinn,

    Just submit those forms that you get from dvselectee webpage and all will be fine. There is also many cases as yours where the selectees fail to receive first NL. all is fine man

  24. I am from Ethiopia,and the winner of dv 2011 with case number 2011AF0000xxxx I already sent the form to kcc and iam waitting for the second letter & interview but I have financial problem to any fee, please, what do u advice me .

  25. I am a winner of dv 2011.sent first forms and discovered some minor errors.wrote to kcc and goot thee replied that i should submit corrected forms.Tell me can that bring problems on the processing of my forms.
    Also i also wish to know whether they scheduled interviews according to case numbers or how fast u sent back your forms

  26. hi
    i am one of the selectee of dv 2011 and i should have received my 1st letter from kcc but unfortunetly i didnt coz i was out of my city for work and then the post office returned the letter back to kcc so i dont have my case number and the second problem is i have filled my lottery with my girl friend as my spouse and whe i read the app form is asks the date of marriage and we r not officially get married even zo we r togather for more than i need help on what i should do.

  27. hi,there…I am a dv2011 selectee from ethiopia. Now I want to know which affidavit of support letter(I-134 or I-864) should i bring during my interview day at the us embass in ethiopia?

  28. Hi Wynn,
    In theory the program is designed for 18 year olds and over as they have finished high school. As you state you already have, you ma be fine.
    Good Luck,

  29. Hi Balu,
    Just explain your situation truthfully to the person interviewing you at the US consulate.

  30. Hello,please, i sent the form back to kcc ,and when i called them in September i was told there is a mistake in my form.Immediately i filled in another form and send it back to them,few days after i received a letter from kcc with the fron t page od form DS-230 asking me to fill the question 10 and 11 i.e address to stay in USA and who is living in that address.I sent the form back the same day on a next day courier delivery,since then i’ve calling their office but they said they are still proceesing my case number is a bit low 2011af 308* i will be glad if u can give me any info as i ve became current since October

  31. hi i won green card ltery then i received 1NL send back the forms to kcc so want when i will get second NL&interview i’m in RWANDA

  32. hi my name is sepehr zarif and i loast my caste number can you help me to find the caste number if u help me please email me thanks for help you.

  33. hi for every one who are they funy with me, that i won dv lottery 2011. just i received 1NL and i sent the forms to kcc on time.
    so now my request is what type of document will i wait from my sponsor?

  34. hi Checked on the site and confirmed that i won Dv 2011 sent forms to kcc,though didnot receive the first NL how long will take me to get the 2nd letter



  35. To all of you seeking to know when ur 2nd letter will come, just do this: first identfy in which region you are catagorized then go to and see the visa bulletin under your catagory ,it will show you the month of your apointement.

  36. 2011 @12:47 pm To all of you seeking to know when ur 2nd letter will come, just do this: first identfy in which region you are catagorized then go to and see the visa bulletin under your catagory ,it will show you the month of your apointement

  37. ok, if you do what I’ve told you earlyer, then expect the second letter 4/5 weeks before your visa interview apointment month. Good luck!

  38. Hi ,

    I am winner of DV 2011 from Asia region and my case number is 44 thousand plus. After hearing so many people comment I am bit scare and want to know, do I still hold a chances of receiving 2nd letter by having such a high case number.
    I have completed my medical degree and I am register Doctor in my country. I have return my form on Mid of june and very much anxious whether or not i will receive second letter now.

  39. Hi Nementra, Did you received the second letter or not? i have not received it yet and i am very anxious too.

    Please let me know. thank you

  40. Hi I received the notification that I have won the green card lottery only two days ago.K. how true is that and how genuine is the win. I do not want to loose my money. I just want to be sure.
    Please help. I am also ask to make payment before March 7 2011. Is that true? Please advice.

    Thanks Grace

  41. Hi, I have my application number for the DV lottery 2011 and I would like to ask if the US government will send notification letters this year and if no how can I check whether I win or not.
    could you mind telling me, please, how to search my name list winning DVs?
    Thank you.

  42. Do you have any one by name Daudi Magaba as a winner because i have received an Email that i am a lucky winner and i need to send $880 to UK via Western union

  43. I Nigerian citizen, RECEIVED A LETTER FROM USAFIS Organisation congratulating me first on 21/2/2011 as winner of U. S. Dv Green Card lottery and secondly requesting payment of $880 to a Name/london Address on or before 8/3/2011 through Western Union money transfer on the same day. Please verify and advise. Thanks

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