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Green Card Salary & Country Statistics

Recently we published some demographic and employer sponsor statistic data about Green Cards and H-1B Visas/E-3 Visas to give foreigners and folks insight into how the whole US Immigration process operates and hopefully helps them in their journey to live and work in the US.

Today we are going to look briefly at the average salary levels as well as raw number of Permanent Residency applications for the Top 50 countries in 2013. It should be noted that this data is for the employer sponsored Green Cards like EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3 and not the family sponsored and other green cards like the Green Card Lottery. This group on an annual basis in terms of Green Cards issued only makes up about 13% of the Green Cards given to foreigners. This is a major issue trying to be addressed in the current US Immigration Reform debate for the US to be more high skill focussed as other countries are with who they give Permanent Residence too.

It is clearly immediately evident as elsewhere with the data, that Indian national dominate the raw total with over 56% of the applications in this annual period. It is also a reason under the current system why the delay for these foreign nationals to get actual Green Cards made available to them can result in waits of 10 years or more.

It is also interesting to see (although small in number) that Lebanon, The Netherlands and Jordan are the Top 3 nations in terms of average salary of their foreign nationals sponsored roles suggested the high skill, experience and specialized desired knowledge of these candidates. Interestingly Asian powerhouses with highly educated societies, Japan and South Korea have amongst the lowest 10 average salaries for their foreign nationals. It is possible in a society like the US where individual and direct salary negotiation is at the heart of the compensation scheme that residents where strong direct negotiation with money and lesser English skills may be a partial cause of this disparity.

Country Continent Green Card Apps. Prop. Avg. Salary
Lebanon Asia 144 0.23% $135,395
Netherlands Europe 125 0.20% $123,660
Jordan Asia 115 0.19% $121,549
United Kingdom Europe 923 1.50% $120,755
Israel Europe 334 0.54% $120,147
Egypt Africa 179 0.29% $114,484
Australia Oceania 270 0.44% $113,117
Ireland Europe 138 0.22% $112,851
Canada North America 3,057 4.98% $112,597
France Europe 487 0.79% $111,325
Argentina South America 218 0.36% $108,866
Germany Europe 477 0.78% $108,544
Nigeria Africa 220 0.36% $107,095
Pakistan Asia 818 1.33% $106,955
Singapore Asia 172 0.28% $105,218
Ghana Africa 122 0.20% $102,668
Russia Europe 402 0.65% $99,526
South Africa Africa 147 0.24% $98,905
India Asia 34,490 56.19% $97,578
Romania Europe 229 0.37% $96,571
Italy Europe 298 0.49% $96,441
Bulgaria Europe 140 0.23% $91,728
Spain Europe 202 0.33% $91,478
Brazil South America 471 0.77% $91,392
Ukraine Europe 181 0.29% $90,795
Nepal Asia 519 0.85% $90,414
Venezuela South America 499 0.81% $90,254
Bangladesh Asia 177 0.29% $89,731
China Asia 3,782 6.16% $89,061
Malaysia Asia 247 0.40% $88,781
Iran Asia 256 0.42% $87,642
Thailand Asia 161 0.26% $87,119
Hong Kong Asia 113 0.18% $86,085
Vietnam Asia 117 0.19% $85,534
Kenya Africa 121 0.20% $85,375
Colombia South America 381 0.62% $84,788
Turkey Europe 558 0.91% $84,710
Peru South America 187 0.30% $83,980
Sri Lanka Asia 137 0.22% $83,333
Indonesia Asia 219 0.36% $79,640
Japan Asia 659 1.07% $79,336
Taiwan Asia 866 1.41% $76,015
Poland Europe 262 0.43% $72,001
Jamaica North America 149 0.24% $71,652
South Korea Asia 3,390 5.52% $69,680
Philippines Asia 2,016 3.28% $67,960
Mexico North America 1,733 2.82% $66,561
Mongolia Asia 102 0.17% $56,440
Ecuador South America 270 0.44% $55,740
Guatemala North America 106 0.17% $45,403


Green Card Pending – How Can You Work

Immigrants who are in the United States for temporary stay should file Form I765, application for employment authorization with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS, to receive an EAD or Employment Authorization Document. The EAD is also known as work permit. U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, conditional permanent residents and non-immigrants who are authorized to work in the U.S. should not use Form I765, application for employment authorization. You can work in the United States even while your Green Card application is pending.

If you want to work while your Green Card application is pending, you have to file Form I765, application for employment authorization along with your adjustment of status application. Along with Form I765 you have to submit a copy of your I-94, Arrival Departure Card. On submitting your application with the USCIS, you should receive an Employment Authorization Card within 90 days. Once you have received the Employment-Authorization Card you are eligible to work in the United States, even if your Green Card Application is pending.

If for some reason you do not receive the Employment-Authorization Card within 90 days, you can request for an interim employment authorization on Form I765, which will be valid for 240 days. To receive an interim card, you have to file a request for interim work authorization on Form I765 at the USCIS service center. If 240 days pass and you still have not received a final decision on your I765 application you must stop working. Interim work authorization cards cannot be renewed. However, if you reach this point, you have the option to file a new application for employment authorization on Form I765. If you do not get a decision even on the new I765 application within 90 days, you will then be entitled to another interim work authorization card.

There is no filing fee for Form I765 when filed concurrently with Form I-485, Application for adjustment of status. It is recommended to file Form I765, Application for Employment Authorization and Form I-485, Adjustment of status application together which enables you to work while your Green Card application is pending and also facilitates easy processing of the application.

You can check the status of your Form I765 online. If your application for employment authorization on Form I765 is denied, you will be send a letter from USCIS stating why your application was rejected. You are allowed to request the USCIS officers to reconsider your case.

Form I765 is used even for renewal of EAD, replacement of EAD and interim EAD. If you filed your adjustment of status application on or after July 30, 2007 and have paid the application fee for Form I-485, you are not required to pay any fee while requesting for employment authorization on Form I765. If you file Form I765 separately, then you should submit a copy of Form I-797C as an evidence of filing Form I-485, application for adjustment of status.

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