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H1B Visa Bachelors Degree Equivalency

The H1B visa is for those who want to come to the U.S. to work in various occupations including accounting, engineering, architecture, law, medicine, accounting, computing, teaching, social work and other areas. Those who apply for the visa must hold a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent and their educational credentials must be evaluated if you have a foreign degree. As an immigration attorney, I often get questions from applicants concerning why credentials must be checked, credential evaluation and who verifies credentials.

Why are Credentials Evaluated?

It’s a requirement that those entering the U.S. under a H1B visa posses a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent. This must be verified to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements if you have a foreign degree or do not have a bachelor’s degree.

Who Evaluates Credentials?

The USCIS will review your credentials and determine if your education or experience meets the minimum requirements. The requirement may be made solely through an educational degree but it may also include special training and also experience in the field.

If you have a foreign degree or do not have a bachelor’s degree you must demonstrate that your education or experience is equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree. Demonstrating the verity of your credentials include the successful completion of a college-level equivalency test (such as CLEP); or an assessment of credentials by a recognized service specializing in the evaluation of the educational credits from foreign countries.

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Kaushik Ranchod
Sacramento Immigration Attorney