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H1Base More Information Update

This is just a quick post to reitterate my feelings towards the site H1Base and how in my opinion I believe;

– At best, H1Base is a overpriced business designed to exploit immigrants further in a US Immigration process already difficult, costly and skewed against them

– At worst, H1Base is a a scam promising things it cannot deliver upon and stating services and facts on their website that are dubious at best.

I have already written two posts about H1Base including; H1Base in my opinion and a post following an H1Base Newsletter that they sent out which stated that a new larger H1B visa quota was likely to happen this year which of course you can see it hasn’t and was never going to. In fact funnily and sadly if Senators Grassley and Durbin get their way the H1B visa quota may become smaller.

So I am not going to redo all the points made in those posts as you can certainly read for yourself and make up on your mind. I also encourage you to read widely about other opinions on H1Base. Read the British Expat Forums or other Immigration Forums and read people’s experiences there as well as type in “H1Base Scam” in Google and see what results and information you find.

The final thing I encourage you to read is the comments below my 2 H1Base posts supposedly made by 2 different people who have nothing to do with the site and trying desperately to defend it 🙂 If you believe nothing else about what you read anywhere about H1Base, that alone should demonstrate the nature of the people and service you are dealing with.

On their site one of the terms and conditions is:
6.3 No Guaranty of Results. H1 Base makes no representations or guarantees regarding the effectiveness or timeliness of the Site in meeting the Member’s U.S. immigration, visa, and employment objectives.

So what exactly are you paying for then?

As always read extensively and with US Immigration whether it is H1Base or the Green Card Lottery scams where people try and charge for the Lottery which is free to enter with the US Government and don’t pay for anything unless you are sure.

Good Luck,