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How You Can Lose You Green Card or PR Status

It is with great difficulty that an immigrant acquires the status of permanent residence in the United States. But this does not mean that an immigrant should act indifferently once he gets his permanent resident status. Once obtained, he has a greater responsibility of maintaining that status. This is because it takes only moments to wash away all the hard work that has been put in to acquire that status.

The most important of all the reasons for the loss of a permanent residence status is indulging in any form of criminal activity. No government of any country can tolerate its immigrants adding to the crime rate. It is similar with the United States government.

Being a law abiding society, it is but obvious that all the permanents of the United States are to follow the laws of the country. If any of the immigrants are convicted for any form of criminal activity or practice activities that are considered a crime in the United States or any other country, which would pose a barrier to their status. The immigrant would instantly be deported back to his native country and would not be permitted to enter the United States ever again.

Some of the following criminal activities that could hamper the permanent residence status of an individual include the following:

  • Any form of violent activities and the punishment of such crimes include a minimum of a year of service in the prison.
  • Committing murder.
  • Activities involving terror which would may pose a threat to the local population.
  • Rape, molestation and sexually assaulting women and children.
  • Illegal dealings in arms, drugs and human trafficking.
  • Sexual misconduct, causing physical harm, any fraudulent practices which have led to loss or damage to people and property.
  • Threatening someone for one’s own means as well as reckless behavior.

Additionally, there would be a serious outcome incase of the following:

  • Providing with false information and lying to get immigration benefits.
  • Claiming to be a citizen of the United States when the immigrant is actually not.
  • Participating in elections – federal or local, that is only permitted to the citizens of the United States.
  • Indulging in drinking or being a habitual drunk as defined by the US immigrant department as well as using drugs illegally.
  • If an individual is married to two people at a given period of time.
  • Neglecting the responsibilities of supporting the family.
  • Found to be practicing domestic violence.
  • Not filing tax returns on time.

In case an individual has been involved in any of the above, the first thing that he must do is to contact an immigration lawyer or any community based organization which provides legal support to these immigrants.

Guest Post Author

Ajay Sharma