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USCIS Mini Update on April 20 for H-1B Visas in FY 2010

The USCIS noted today they have received 44,000 petitions now for H-1B visas for Financial Year 2010 which is still over 30% short of the 65,000 general H-1B visa quota.

They also announced that although they have recieved 20,000 applications for the US Advanced Degree extra quota which represents the full amount of the quota, the USCIS are continuing to accept applications given that many of these applicated may not be deemed suitable or may be withdrawn later.

Additionally to note those foreigners who hold US Masters Degrees will have their applications form part of the general quota if they don’t get a H-1B as part of the additional 20,000 quota.

If you filed your application in the intial 5 filing day window after April under Premium Processing then your processing began on April 7 and thus the 15 day processing time will end on April 22 and you will probably be notified of your success or otherwise in your H-1B visa soon after that date.

If your H-1B petition was filed after the intial 5 days and you opted for Premium Processing, then the 15 day processing time begins once the USCIS physically receives the application.

(to read the USCIS press release for April 20 on the H-1B visa click here)

USCIS Mini Update on April 15, 2009 for H-1B Visas in FY2010

As at today the 20,000 extra cap for US Masters Degree holders has now been exhausted but the USCIS is still accepting applications for the 65,000 general H-1B visa quota.

Of course those with US Master Degrees who are applying now or previously and not approved under the extra quota will go into the general quota.

Things like the Premium processing cost for H-1B visas would have been less useful this year given the lack of filling of the annual quota at this stage.

As always we give foreigners our best recommendations for findings jobs in the current economic downturn.