Green Card History & The Application Process Today

1) Have you ever wondered where the Green Card Process came from?
The system was first started in the early 1800’s as a National Defense program. During those times there was a huge increase in immigration to the United States. The amount of people coming into the country was so great, a system had to be created to keep track of all immigrants. It was a very large and difficult task to accomplish. In today’s world we process well over a million immigration applications a year. Can you imagine what this would have been like in the early 1800’s when everything was processed manually without computers?

2) History was made between 1820 and 1879 when over 49 million immigrants enter the country.
Those years alone counted for one of the biggest booms the United States of American has ever seen. Cities were built and the country grew by leaps and bounds.

3) Did you know the first immigrants ever to reach the United States were the Asians and Indians.
They were the first true immigrants to the United States. They taught the others how to survive the hard winters and where a large part of the development of the United States.

4) Did you know in 1940 the U.S Resident Green Card was white?
There really was never a real green colored card. If you want to dig further into the past, you will find that the greed card was never really a card at all, but a receipt. You see back in the 1800’s it was really effortless to become a citizen of the United States. You landed on the shore, took a number, went through a few medical checkups and then you received a receipt. This receipt had a unique number attached to it. That number was considered your green card. The immigration department knew who you were and where you came from by that receipt. Not much consideration was done to ensure the receipt endured the harshness of the land or weather. Throughout the years the green card took on many diverse colors. Today the card is more white than green.

As the years go on, the laws will change and so will the green card. As technology changes so will the green card. There may come a day when the green card is your fingerprint or may even be the unique characteristic of your eyes or voice.

There is one thing next to taxes and dying we can count on and that is the need for an ever changing green card. At no time in the history of the United States has immigration every been more politically challenged and influenced over the last five to ten years. There has been a slow creep towards making it harder for people to immigrate to the USA. These are the slow changes that have enable the green card to change over the many decades and centuries and it will be the same slow process that will enable the green card to change with the ever increasing threat to national security of the USA.

We are an ever changing people, and country. The world and a people will adjust to meet these different challenges. Those that enter the USA will also be a part of those changes. They will help to shape a nation and become a product part of a hard working society. They will champion the will of the people and build dreams where only despair once lived. This is what the USA has stood for and will continue to stand for as the decades and centuries come and go. The green card is a badge of understanding between the USA and all that come to her shores. The green card stand as a sign of pride and of a dream of a better life for those that come test the waters of immigrating to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Guest Author

Art Saborio

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  1. Hi ,
    I applied for green card in 2006 through an agengy as my employer i got my i140 approved.but i came out of my agency and applied or E3 visa and working on E3 .But my employer the present agreed to apply for green card so i did the process again but hey denied my i 140 .But the previous employer its still valid when i checked on the website uscis.So I just want o know i i can continue with the previous one?
    thank you

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