Green Card Lottery 2011 (DV-2011 Diversity Visa) opens October 2, 2009

Well it’s almost here again for another year, the Green Card Lottery! Anticipated by so many people around the world as perhaps their only chance to establish permanent residency in the United States to live and work freely and bring their families.

The Green Card Lottery or it’s official title Diversity Visa Lottery is completely FREE to enter!
So do not think that you have pay as their are many sites out there that charge a fee saying they wil enter you multiple times over many years, ensure your application is correct and enhance your chances of winning as well as pay for your ticket over here partially or in full if you win.

The Lottery is run by the US Government and is very simple application for the most part with just basic details required along with a digital photo. More official information can be found at the official Green Card Lottery Information area of the US State Department.

This year the lottery will run from October 2, 2009 through November 30, 2009 and if successful you will be notified via a formal letter between around May to July in 2010. Following an interview at the US Consulate you will then be able to enter the US in the 2011 Immigration year in their calendar which begins on October 1, 2010.

Official instructions and eligble countries are yet to be announced for this year but if you read our Diversity Visa Lottery Instructions you will get a pretty good year about a lot of this as it doesn’t change that much.

The DV-2010 Lottery was the first year results were able to checked online and also that non winners were able to verify that also online where in previous years they were told nothing. We assume that will continue and possibly be expanded for the DV-2011 Lottery.

We wish you well and good luck this year in the Green Card Lottery (DV-2011) and just remember that is completely free to enter and is run every year around about this time.


43 thoughts on “Green Card Lottery 2011 (DV-2011 Diversity Visa) opens October 2, 2009

  1. Hi CJ – I plan on applying for the GC Lottery…so i assume i need to have electronic photos ready to go, before i start the online application? i might be goin cross eyed from reading too much info….but i cant seem to find your info re: photograph specifications.
    (thanks for the great website!)

  2. HI CJ,

    Currently I am located in US on L1 visa, My employer is filing my green card application soon.

    I just wanted to know if i can still participate in the Green Card Lottery System.
    Please advise asap.

  3. Hi Abhiskek,

    The Green Card Lottery will have no affect on your Permanent Residency application via your employer so you can certainly apply for the lottery.

    Good Luck,

  4. Dear CJ,

    Greetings from Libya.

    I am F from Libya, I’ve applied for the DV-2011 lottery and received a case number. I understand that The program is administered directly from the U.S. Department of State Kentucky Consular Center in Williamsburg, Kentucky.

    I know that many selectees were notified by letters from kcc before announcing their notification on the website.

    I am so worried about missing my potential notification letter due to postal problems in my country and not being able to provide an accurate postal code, instead I provided the address of an International Express Mail Agency in my Town whereby I can go and pick up the mail. Anyhow, I’ve got another mailing address with an accurate postal code, I know that I can’t submit multiple entries, I also don’t know whether to contact kcc and inform them of my postal code or just leave it to them and in case of my winning they will send the mail to the FedEx Office in my Town !.

    Your respond is highly appreciated,


  5. Hi, I have a burning enquiry.

    I applied for the 2011 lottery with my schools immigration clinic, but I am 100% sure that the picture they submitted for me will get me disqualified. It was stretched and way too dark. Is there any way I can resubmit an application by cancelling the current one?

  6. Hi F,
    You are right you can’t sumbit multiple entries and the KCC wont alter any applications. So I would just keep you current setup and they will mail to whatever address you put on the application.

  7. Hi Lerone,
    Once an application is submitted there is nothing that can be done to change it unfortunately. Hopefully the picture will be fine.
    Good Luck,

  8. Hi,
    I filled the application form but made a mistake on the year of birth for my husband, typed a 5 instead of 3, I know I can’t fill multiple forms. How can that be corrected, can a notification be sent? Thanks.

  9. Hi CJ,
    made a mistake in filling my application, typed 1975 instead of 1973 for my husband year of Birth, I know I can’t fill multiple entries, how can this be corrected?

  10. Hi Fadel,
    You should have put a mail address where you are confident you would receive mail from the US in a timely manner. So if that is with a friend or family member in another country rather than in Libya I would have suggested that.

  11. Hi Olu-Jor,
    Unfortunately you can’t make any changes. Hopefully this wont cause any issue and if you are selected as a winner this can be corrected at your US Consulate interview.

  12. hi e3visa

    are the all pepol from all countries has same chances to win?

    or the chance deffrint between country and other

    for example the pepole from egypt there chance to win more that pepol from libya

    or same chance?

    ihope u understand me my english is too bad

  13. Hi Kaka,
    In general people are not penalized from being from a smaller country to a larger country as they spread out the 50,000 green cards across the world and not just to a few countries proportionately. However exactly how they do it is interesting as to whether Egypt and Libya are two different regions or do they group them together as Northern Africa is unknown.
    Good Luck,

  14. hi *F* and Fadel
    I’m also from Libya and I have registered in the lottery DV-2011
    I ask you to communicate via e-mail address .
    I am also worried about the postal code. But I think that this year will be notified of the participants in the lottery by e-mail also.
    Note that the first time I register in the lottery
    Good luck, dear

  15. Hi Adbu,
    You will NOT be notified via email for the Green Card Lottery, only by mail. You can check your status online at the website with your number after May when results are released but official notification only comes via the mail.
    Good Luck,

  16. Pls i’v also applied for 2011 dv lottery.but my problem is that i have my date of birth on my birth cert,dv lottery application form and passport all the same 2nd January 1989 but on my high school certificate different 2nd January u think i would be disqualify because of the age difference at the interview if i win?thank u

  17. Hi Rose,
    Well you have to be at least 18 to be eligible to the Green Card Lottery so it seems you are fine with either date. However they will probably ask you about the different dates so I assume you have a full legitimate explanation as to why there are different dates on the documents which you can explain to them in the interview.
    Good LUck,

  18. Thank u my dear for ur correct date of birth is 2nd january 1989 and i have used it correctly in all my documents(birth cert,passport and dv lottery online application form are all 2nd january 1989).it’s only on my high school certificate that the year was wrongly written as 2nd january 1991 but all the day and the month are the same.i just don’t know wether this mistake was written by me or from West African Examination Council who issued our certificate.i was 21 years old on 2nd january u think i would be disqualified at the interview if i win.thank you

  19. Hi,

    My cousin has applied for me for DV 2011, unfortunately, i don’t have contact with him anymore and I have no idea about neither the username or passeword or adress that he gave. How can i know if i win with just my name??


  20. Hi Ewa,
    I am not sure what you can do as the only way to check is with your number that was given after the application once results are released soon. You can try calling the USCIS but I am almost 100% positive they won’t be able to help you and will say to contact your cousin. Hopefully the mail address on your application is your address so at least if you do win, you will get the package.

  21. Pls have anyone received the 1st winning lettery in Africa precisely Ghana?thank u

  22. Hello everyone.I am from greece and i wanna ask a question.My father aplied for the dv lottery 2011 as a primary aplicant,he also included me as at that time i was 20 years old (as the form say that you have to include any children above 21) but i became 21 in 21st april 2010.What problems will be there if i win and will there my father be able to take me with him in the us.thnks

  23. Hi Redis,
    No you won’t have any issues as you were 20 at time time of the application and yes you will eligible but you must take up the green card within a year of your father being announced a winner to still be eligible.

  24. Hi everybody,

    I have applied for the diversity visa lottery 2011 and was wondering if anybody had received their letters of offer yet?


  25. Hi,

    I just want to know if there are more chances for me to win the dv 2011 green card lottery since i am currently an F-1 student in the U.S and I also applied for the lottery using my U.S mail address

  26. Hi,
    I checked my DV-2011 status from the online and l’ve been a lucky winner from Ghana.However, l’ve still not received my notification letter.I’ve tried to contact the kcc office through email but l received no response from them.
    Please advise me.

  27. to all from Libya, not to worry they will find your address if you are selected
    i won the lottery before and i used to live in very small town in south Libya
    don’t trust and write to any site, get all your info from the right site from the USA embassy. just be ready and have all your original documents with translate to English and copy of each, also don’t worry about your English its not impotent at the interview, they will ask you if you want it in Arabic or English.

    good luck to all

  28. made a mistake in filling my application for dv 2012, typed 24 february instead of 25 march for my date of Birth, I know I can’t fill multiple entries, how can this be corrected?
    and if i accepted in lottory what can i do then? would it be a problem for me?

  29. I made a mistake on my application including my child as a Canadian citizen when it shoud have been an American citizen. Does anyone think this error will cause my application to be terminated?

  30. Hi e3visa,

    I filled the application yesterday form for the 2012 loterry but made a mistake on the year of birth, typed a 1975 instead of 1973. AND Instead of Master Degree I typed University Degree.I know I can’t fill multiple forms. How can that be corrected ?

    Appreciate you time, Thanks.

  31. Hi Lamen,
    Thanks for your input and reassuring words to all in the Green Card Lottery process.

  32. hi i wanted to know if there is any deadline for receiving the second letter, i have received the first one but i am still waiting for the second one

  33. Hi asad jan habib

    The Green Card Lottery will have no affect on your Permanent Residency application via your employer so you can certainly apply for the lottery.

    Good Luck,

  34. Hey guys i’m a winner of DV 2012 and i’m worried about something i just filled the application with my family and now i don’t remember the birth date(only month and day) of my children and mine that i have filled…so could it be a problem for my chance to get a visa,do they ask me it again? Please help me i’m worried.

  35. hi, my birth n schol certificate n passport has my dads name correct but in my current citizenship there are few more words added to tat name.what to do 4 applying 4 edv 2nd mail n 4 da interview.its hard to verify those 2 names frm da province tat he left 25 yrs ago

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