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The H1B Visa Limits That Ultimately Hurt The US Economy

When the CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer who is born in Detroit says he wants to hire the most talented people he can regardless of their nation of birth and put them to work in the US to grow and help the entire US economy, that seems like a noble thought.

However due to the limits of the H1B visa, there are only so many people that he would like to that he can hire in any one year. And if that person happens to be a foreigner then that person has to pay all taxes, pay rent, pay for food, goods, utilities, etc. all of which when multiplied over many employees ends up pumping a lot of money into local economies and industries and employing people and via taxes paying for education and healthcare of US citizens.

Then if those highly talented help create new products and intellectual property for a company like Microsoft that fuels ever more jobs for people in the US and more wealth for the country.

In 2007, Ballmer says he was forced essentially due to these artificial caps on the H1B visa to open up a Research and Development facility in Vancouver, British Colombia in Canada a couple of hours north of the Redmond, Washington home of Microsoft.

The Canadian government is more open as far as their immigrant visas are concerned and thus they are no reaping the economic benefit of this facility and the cultural and intellectual goldmine from so many talented immigrants venturing to their shores including from the United States no less.

I guess this short story shows the reality of the situation and the absurdity of the Anti H-1B visa legislation intorduced to the US congress and its bogus conditions like the 50/50 rule. As we repeatedly said the politicians who created this legislation namely Senators Durbin and Grassley are so fixated on basic solutions and creating scapegoats that they will actually hurt the entire US economy and her citizens with their absurd actions.