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EAD Work Authorization Form I-765

Non US citizens who wish to work in the US should get authorization to work in the US. They can get authorization by filing the I-765 form which is the authorization for their employment. Though belonging to different national origin, aliens can work after the I-765 form is approved.

I 765 Application for Employment Authorization Document:

I-765 form or the Application for Employment Authorization Document is used by certain aliens to apply for an Employment Authorization Document. A valid Employment Authorization Document is issued in the form of plastic card which resembles a credit card. The information on the EAD card is all about the personal details of the alien who has applied like the name, sex, birth date, country of birth, alien registration number, recent photos, etc. So any foreign national with a valid EAD can work for an employer in the US.

Individuals can file I-765 form or Application for Employment Authorization by mail with the USCIS Regional Service Center closest to where they live. It can also be filed electronically. Each applicant should file a separate application, with the relevant fees and documents.

EAD can be applied for by certain foreign nationals like,

-one who has filed for a green card or Adjustment of status
Spouses of L and E visa holders and spouses and children of J visa holders.
-Spouses and children of foreign government officials
F1 and M1 students of certain categories
-B1 non immigrant employees of US citizens and foreign airlines.
-Foreign nationals of refugee and asylum status.
-Foreign nationals of V non immigrant status and who are under the temporary protected status.

The EADs issued by the USCIS are for different categories, like

*Renewal EAD- This is the EAD which is issued for the EAD that has expired and will be issued only under the same category.

*Replacement EAD- This is issued for the previously issued EAD that has been stolen, lost, damaged, or having erroneous information like mis spelled name etc.

*Interim EAD- This EAD is requested by the foreign employee, if his EAD has not been approved or denied within 90 days and it is 30 days for an asylum applicant.

Further, in case an individual has filed I 485 application, which is the application to register Permanent Residence or Adjustment of status, on July 30, 2007 or after and paid for it as well, there is no necessity of a filing fee for I-765. Also the I 765can be filed concurrently with the I-485 or filed separately at a later stage. In case of filing the I-765 form separately, then a copy of the I 797C,Notice of action should be submitted to show that the I 485 application has been filed.

The employment authorization document is a mere work permit and authorizes one to work in the US. Depending on the category, one has to file the I-765 form and take the advantage and right of working in the US, which is a dream for many of the foreign nationals.

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The Partner Visa for US Working Visas (E3D, H4, J2, L2)

If you browse around all the immigration forums, this is a topic that always comes up and is a critical issue for a lot of people who plan to relocate for work to the US. To note these partner visas all apply to dependent children (usually have to be under 21) but in this post I will focus on the spouse. Also the requirements are very similar for each so I wont talk about each separately for the most part.

The E3D Visa is the partner visa of the E3 working visa for Australians. (to note the E3D holder does not have to be an Australian citizen)

The H4 is the partner visa of the H1B working visa.

The J2 visa is the partner visa of the J1 visa.

The L2 visa is the partner visa of the L1 working visa.

Now all of these barring the H4 visa do allow the holder to work providing they file form I-765 to the USCIS after entering the country. Usually it takes 2-3 months to receive the EAD card (employment authorization document) upon which time the holder can work.

The J2 visa generally only gets granted to spouses of J1 visa holders whom are here on some form of Internship program and thus generally here for 1-2 years. It is very unlikely a J2 visa granted for a spouse of a J1 holder whom is here on a Work and Travel or Camp USA type program. I know for a fact that many organizations in the visa sponsoring field were actually unaware that a J2 visa holder could work so may have to affirm this in interviews.

The H4 visa is the unfortunate visa of this quartet that has no work priviliges and it doesn’t seem likely anytime soon that it might change..although you never know. Now I know many H4 holders that do work both for organizations that know that it is illegal as well as organizations that are unaware. However it is officially illegal to do so, thus be aware of the risks of your actions.

There is not much else to say about the partner visas other than they have to fill similar forms (but not all) of the forms prior to the US Consulate interview as the primary visa holder. You don’t have to attend the consulate at the same time and can just bring a photocopy of the primary visa holder’s passport and visa but unless circumstances don’t allow it, I always would wonder why couples don’t attend interviews together.

The final point to make is that the United States DOES NOT recognize either defacto/common law couples or same-sex couples whom maybe defacto or married elsewhere. So if your partner wants to come to the US attached to your visa, they must be married to you and usually an original marriage certificate from your area will suffice.

I hope those that come here as couples enjoy the shared experiences together and that you have no problems in getting here to begin with. Honestly if your relationship is honest, you shouldn’t have an issue at all.

Talk soon….