Green Card Lottery 2010 Results (DV-2010)

Hopefully you are one of the green card lottery (diversity visa lottery) winners!

You should note that being selected as a winner does not guarantee you a green card as you must pass some additional criteria as well in the application process. The actual DV-2010 visas will be issued between the period of October 1, 2009, and September 30, 2010. Applicants must obtain the diversity visa or adjust status by the end of the fiscal year.

Unfortunately those who missed out on the green card and permanent residency will NOT receive any notification but for the first time ever will be able to check the status of their entry through the E-DV website.
You must have kept the confirmation page information from when you entered the DV Lottery between October and December 2008. The Status information for DV-2010 lotter is available online from July 1, 2009, until June 30, 2010.

Between May and July 2009 results should be sent out to the lucky applicants with an official letter from the U.S. Department of State Kentucky Consular Center in Williamsburg, Kentucky. All notifications are by mail to your nominated address and you should note that there is NOT any email notification. The notification letters will have additional instructions, including information about additional forms and other documentation required as well as immigrant visa application fees.

The Interviews for the DV-2010 visa lottery program begin in October 2009 and foreigners who applied overseas will receive an appointment letter from the Kentucky Consular Center about 5 weeks before the scheduled appointment.

The Green Card Lottery (DV-2011) will begin in October 2009 for those wanting to enter this year with more information about this lottery due by September.

Good Luck 🙂



283 thoughts on “Green Card Lottery 2010 Results (DV-2010)

  1. hi CJ
    i am in Kenya and i applied for the dV LOTTERY IN OCTOBER 2009 I received a notification in May 2010 that i was selected for the green card, inside the envelope it had my congratulatory letter from Kentucky Consuler Centre Williamsburg KY and my case no. with some bar code information, i didnt receive any other forms. How soon can i start applying for the other stuff, am so excited i cant wait to land in US, and what is the process.

  2. Hi Anne,
    Well congratulations if true as you might well be one of the early winners of Green Card Lottery DV-2011. There is very little information that has been released about winners for the most recent lottery so you will just have to wait and be patient. You will have an interview scheduled at as US embassy or consulate after you receive your 2nd letter. The earliest time any entry would be valid following this interview would be October 1, 2010.

  3. I wish to get notification winners Diversity Visa this month. Once I received I will show up to all of you.

    My friend both of their family has been leave from our country since 2008, now over a year ago. They win DV 2008, recently they live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They complete the bright further!!!!!!!!

  4. Hello CJ,
    Good day to you!

    Does the Diversity Visa ever failed to notify winner by Post Office, because many country around the world has Poor Post Office, sometime loose the mail and sometime delay?

    Is there another way that we can check the status easy than Post Office?

    Wish you good luck!


  5. Hello
    I am from Cairo – Egypt
    I received my notification letter for DV-2011. I fished the papers and sent them. I have a small problem…I sent photos which are 4X6 cm instead of 5X5 cm. I don’t know what to do. Can u please give me a clue.
    I hope if there is any one here from Egypt, please contact me on my e mail for firther coordination.

  6. Hello Everyone;
    Did any one here actually atteneded the interveiw. Please tell us the details if u like??? and what is really needed to be there??

  7. Hello,
    I am a DV lottery winner for the year 2011. I got my first letter on may 12th…and i am already here in USA under a F1 visa. I need help on what to do next. I am definitely trying for AOS. So please help me. Thank you in advance.


  8. hi my name is anish from nepal i got notification of second leter last month still im not getting second leter. so what should i espect now? is that notification is fake?

  9. Hi Makara,
    Yes there are certain cases where people don’t receive the mail but that is the only official way winners are notified. After July 1 you can check online at to see if you have won using your confirmation number from your application.
    Good Luck,

  10. Hi Sting,
    You should be fine and can give them a correct photo size if needed when you attend your US Consulate interview following your 2nd letter from the KCC.

  11. Hi Anish,
    The second letter can take some time so you have to be patient. Congratulations on winning.

  12. Hi e3visa,
    Do i have to send DSP -122 to KCC for the second letter or can i directly do the I-485 for AOS? I mean what should my next step be since i got my first letter already? please reply . Thank you for your help.

  13. Helo e3visa,
    Plz, could you tell me my chance. I got my date of interview from kcc but have not recieve second package. I also contacted the us embassy and they confirmed it aswell. now, I wedded my wife traditionally in my country and we have a certificate and photos proving that. It was basse on that during our playing on the net i said i was married. I recently learned that my host country hasn’t yet recognize tradition weddings so do the US embassy. I want to know if our certificate of my country will be of no use because my residing country rules of marriage?How possible. I will also appreciate response from anyone who have an experience on this issue.

    secondly I am getting marry in the court few days from now and it will be two weeks to my interview date, which of these two certificates should i present? present the both could disqualify us? or presenting the traditional certificate that has the marraige date given to the kcc be the best? plz help me.

    thirdly, my sponsor won the dv abt 3 years ago which took him to the US, is it possible that we be accepted on his status as sponsor?
    Thanks very much.

  14. Hi Sinbad,
    In general it has been if u choose to do AOS, make sure u get these steps done.
    1. Send only DSP-122 to the KCC. You will get an acknowledgent in a month or so time usually.
    2. You have to pay the Diversity Visa fee before u applie for AOS.
    3. Then apply for AOS after October 1st.

  15. Hi Ralph,
    I would take both certificates to your US Embassy interview and explain the situation fully as more information is always better. It is good you are doing the Court Marriage as well prior to your interview.
    Only a US citizen can sponsor others into the US and then only if it is an immediate relative. (i.e. not aunts, cousins, etc.) There are long waiting lists for categories like adult siblings with this route.

  16. pls i would like to know the process of confirming the dv visa lottery 2010 winners list,thanks.

  17. Hi all,

    To my great surprise i have been selected for the 2011 DV lottery.

    Just a couple of quick questions.

    I believe i received my letter dated 3rd of May around the middle of May.
    I have all required documentation filled in and ready to go right now.
    I would like to send it tomorrow 1st of June; express 1st class from London, UK.

    For those knowledgable about this, is this a late response, i think the NL sat in my letter box for a week while i was away.

    My case number seems really low 2011OC00000***. What does this mean?

    Can anyone indicate whether i should be braced for disappointment (due to delay) or am i still well placed in regards to time line?

    Finally, the NL is missing my second middle name as it appears on my original documentation but i have included this name on all my documents being sent to KCC along with a covering letter explaining it why it is missing (was neglected due to the online form i used to submit the DV entry) and my intention to have this issue corrected by them.

    Can i send documentation like this, without fearing disqualification or should i get specific instructions from KCC? I have already emailed them, but time is ticking so i am keen to get this state side asap.


  18. CJ,
    Good day to you!

    I am from Asia i got NL in early this June. I have completed a 4-year bachelor’s degree (Business) and have 5 year’s work experience. … but my high school degree 12 level (I failed in level 12).

    In my country, if i failed in level 12 high school degree…… i can apply for associate degree for 2 years and then 4 years in bachelor’s degree (I complete both degree).

    Please advise me! should i fill in the form with BA degree or work experience?

    I’m so scare, they won’t accept all.

    Taking care,

  19. Hi Everyone!

    I have been selected as a DV lottery winner on April 22, 2010. Could someone please tell me when I shall send the completed form? Are there any deadlines? My case number is 86**.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  20. hi my name is Deepa and i have won the edv lottery of 2011. i do not have any idea what are the essential documents that i need to forward. so can u please let me know what are the documents that i need to forward in the first phase. also i will be married on late september. so what is essential for me now to do so that i can include my husband as well to come to USA together. please suggest me soon. eager to hear from you soon. thankyou

  21. hi cj i am a dv winner 2010 and my case number is 2010AF00068… WHEN CAN I RECEIVE MU SECOND LETTER FROM NOW. THANKS

  22. Firstly, Thanks CJ and all for such valuable information! This is the best source I’ve found!
    I am a DV lottery winner for the year 2011. I got my first letter on May 04, 2010, case number AS00037xxx.
    I’m already here in USA on H-1B visa, and I realize I can do either AOS from here, or regular Consular Processing from my home country – Israel.
    Looking at the bulletins for DV2010 and DV2009, it looks like I have a fairly high number. For DV2009 a similar number in ASIA was current in July, while for DV2010 it still isn’t current even for July, so best case scenario would be current in Aug. so assuming for DV2011 will also be current in Aug that would leave only 2 months for processing until program ends.
    I need to send in my papers to KCC after deciding between AOS in US vs. CP in Israel. PLEASE help me decide the route with higher chances (I don’t mind traveling to my home country if better option). Since I have a fairly high number, and VISAs eventually can run out, it’s a matter of which route can be faster:
    1) DV AOS – Employment based AOS (I-485) can take months and I’m afraid 2 months may not be enough (if becomes current on Aug). Do you know if DV AOS cases get a special queue with rapid AOS processing? If not, seems like all cases that become current in the last 2 months or so, don’t stand a chance…
    2) AOS – can I file a bit before current? Say June 15 bulletin shows Aug as current, can I file AOS in June 18?
    3) With Consular processing: Who schedules the appt? KCC? And then they let you know?
    4) When is it typically scheduled for? if June bulletin shows number becomes current on Aug – is the appointment typically scheduled FOR Aug? or only ON Aug they schedule something for say 5 weeks later? Bottom line: if number becomes current on month X – is the interview typically scheduled to take place on that month? I guess hearing from folks past experience could answer this one…
    5) Again based on past experience from folks on the site – how long after embassy interview for Consular Processing do you typically get your passport with the immigrant VISA? So I could return to the US…
    6) I received this first letter over a month ago, and need to figure out the desired route before replying. Am I waiting too long? (They didn’t set a deadline…)

    MANY Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!

  23. Hi,
    plz i need your help. I sat my interview on thursday and i was told by the embassy that they will call me after going thru further processing on my case.
    <they took all my other docs including my wife and i passport and marriage fotos and all my school docs.
    is that how its done and how long do it takes before i will be call. is it a signe of failure or passing. Please im scare eventhough they did not ask us long maybe five questions and the interviewer was looking friendly.
    pls i tell me if really it can take days or weeks before one can recieve their visas

  24. Hi Deepa,
    You forward the exact documents as stated in the first letter. In terms of your marriage, ensure that you have a marriage certificate so you can bring that to your interview once you receive your 2nd letter notifiying you of the time.

  25. Hi Moses,
    The second letter will come when your number is made current which you can on the US Government NIV website for the DV Lottery.

  26. Hi Gil,
    Green Card Lottery visa processing for DV-2011 will go well into 2011 so there is little chance if you become current in August that it would be anywhere near running out. Honestly as to advice as to best process, it is really difficult to say suffice it to add I don’t think you can go wrong with either method and thus becomes an option of convenience. You can’t file before you become current and there isn’t a special queue as far as I am aware. The KCC in their 2nd letter if you do it at a US consulate will schedule the interview time. It is really hard to say the time but is generally pretty soon after you would receive the letter. Assuming all is in order and it seems like you would be fine given you have been approved previously for an H1B visa, you should get your passport back after a week if you do it back in Israel following your interview and then receive the actual green card in the mail in the US about 6-8 weeks after arriving in the country.
    Good Luck,

  27. Hi AJ,
    You should be fine both on your timing and with your name as you can always fully clarify that at your interview following receipt of the 2nd letter.
    Good Luck,

  28. Hi Makara,
    You should be fine if that is rules of the country in Cambodia so your qualification would be Bachelors Degree and work experience.

  29. Hi Ruzanna,
    I would send all your information back to the KCC ASAP and then just wait for the second letter.
    Good Luck,

  30. Hi Ralph,
    That is the way the process goes in terms of being very official. Hopefully you will hear some good news soon.
    Good Luck,

  31. I just got a notification tat I won the DV 2011 lottery. Please can someone tell me what to fill on the DSS 230 form for the question “Name and Address of petitioner?”. Am a bit confused here, is it me or the person i intend to stay with in the United States of America? Pls someone help me out………Yaki

  32. Please, I need your help ! I can’t find the fee of DV program !!
    I’ve been selected for the DV-2011 but I’m stuck now. I already sent forms ( DSP-122 DS-230 ) to KCC, also I choose to adjust my status in U.S because I have F-1.
    I’ve recieved the second letter from KCC last week and told me to make payment but I couldn’t find the fee of DV program…
    The instruction page is
    I’ve looked at all pages but I couldn’t find it. Maybe I was looking at wrong page ???
    Please, Please, Please can anyone tell me what to do ?
    Thank you.

  33. Thanks very much. I hope and have the faith that
    God has answer my prayes. God bless you

  34. HI
    I’m one of the winner of 2010, I received my first letter on August 2009 althught it was sent from US in June 2009, accourding to visa bulletin my no is currant and my interview in August 2010, the problem is that I didn’t receive the second letter til now any advise please?

  35. hi,
    i am amongst the dv 2010 1st letter winner as well.n i want to inform u that my case no is 11034…..i have been been hearing that the case no above 10000 has a very little chance of receiving a 2nd letter…how true is that?what are the condition for an applicant to receive a 2nd letter?an what are the chances of getting the visa in an interview after receiving the 2nd letter?i will b kind if u notify me about all this !

  36. i am one of dv2010lottery winners, i recieve first letter in july with case number=2010AF00070812 so when will be time of my interview, i am worring very highly coz as u see my case number is very,very high so is there any chance my case number to be current. and also KCC said to me on may they received my forms.

  37. I am really worried it’s now two weeks since my interview
    still no call from the embassy, can someone tell me what can i do,
    and why is taking that long. I was asked to email if two weeks passes, but is
    a good sign or bad sign. If they are doing further processing what are some of the the processes the ing carring on.

  38. kindly email my dvlottery results if i win for 2010/2011 greencard program in liberia

  39. my name is meles from ethiopia my question is i am winner dv 2010 my case number is af 00028515 can i recive my second letter

  40. Hi there, i have forwarded all the essential documents after i get my first letter. So can u please suggest me that when do i get the second letter. Thankyou for replying my first question. Appreciated.

  41. Hi i am a girl and i have heard the rumour that after i get my first letter if i get marrie then there is less chance for me to get my green card. Is that true ? Desperate to get reply coz m getting married soon. Plz reply. Thankyou

  42. Hi I recieved my first letter in July 2009 and my case number was Af2010000054*** I filled and returned it but Unfortunately the person whose postal adress I used died in July 2010/. What can I do when I am expecting the second letter this Month. Pls help me

  43. hi i am DV2011 WINNER cASE NO: AF00078***. aNY WINNER with A HIGHER CASE NUMBER FOR DV 2010?

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