US Immigration & Visa Predictions and Trends for 2010

It was actually our one year anniversary of this site being up and running in its current form and we would like thank you all for your kind feedback and comments as that has really what has kept this site going. It is a lonely world within US Immigration for a foreigner and the best way to survive and thrive is if we all learn from each other!

(Retro Flashback – Our Very First US Visa Post)

However to get back to business and to complement our US Immigration and Visa Year in Review 2009, we thought we would do a US Immigration 2010 Prediction post. We will revisit this post at the end of the year to see how accurate and more likely wrong we really were but at least this should give us all some vague idea of what to expect in 2010 for US Visas and US Immigration.

As mentioned this is supposedly going to be a big year for US Immigration Reform with the Healthcare Reform debate almost at a conclusion. Legislation like the Dream Act and Senators Grassley and Durbin’s H1B Visa and L1 Visa Reform bills are already being debated a little and in the case of the latter bill already introduced into Congress. There will be a lot more to come and we will no doubt cover it in a lot of posts throughout 2010 but this is going to be one crazy year for US Immigration.

With the acrimony and vitriol mixed with downright lies on both sides during the Healthcare debate in 2009, the US immigration debate could be even more polarized in 2010. Those of hoping for lots of pro immigration changes given President Obama’s promises on the campaign trail should temper your enthusiasm as the reality of an election year will hit this year. Many politicians will probably limit their exposure to anything controversial if they are up for re-election, particularly on the Democratic side who are traditionally seen as more favorable to Immigrants.

So here are our Top 10 Predictions for US Immigrations and US Visa for 2010:

1. US Immigration 2010 Reform will not be that great for legal immigrants – ok you might say well that this is obvious but all the biggest concerns like cost, ease, abuse in workplace, green card delays, quotas, tax/social security benefits, etc. will not be fixed in any meaningful way

2. Immigrants will be demonized as a group by many in the Media and Members of Congress to help fulfil their selfish needs

3. Illegal Immigration will dominate the discussion and not legal immigration which if fixed will be the best help to the US Illegal Immigration issues

4, The H1B visa season and quota will be filled at a far faster rate in 2010. Given the rush towards the end of 2009, we have even see the reintroduction of the H1B visa lottery

5. Senators Durbin and Grassley will become big players in the political spectrum due to their legislation

6. The Green Card Lottery will again will be a hot ticket item in October but may not see the rush seen in 2009 as better economic conditions here and around the globe will mean less frenzied demand.

7. The E3 visa again will not reach its allotted 10,500 annual quota as it has not in its entire history of operation. The Irish will continue to lobby for their own version of this E3 visa but will not find much support in US Congress.

8. US Immigrants will continue to make up a disproportionate share of the Silicon Valley start-ups benefiting the entire US Economy. Again this will be ignored by the wider US media.

9. There will be a small shift back to centers like California and New York for US immigrants as opposed to the large shifts to areas like Florida and Texas in recent times.

10. US Immigrants will have no access to anything in any new healthcare reform bill.
Well we will look forward to reviewing these predictions at the end of 2010.


6 thoughts on “US Immigration & Visa Predictions and Trends for 2010

  1. I am really saddened that the eb5 investor visa will go on in the same form with no revisions or changes. My people were confident that this would be changed to make it more accessible to immigrants, but the monetary values have not been lowered. I fear this will remain sadly out of reach for many foreigners who want to begin businesses here, but cannot satisfy the employee job creation requirement.

  2. Hi Mitchell,
    I appreciate the comment here and agree the eb5 visa or more ideally a simpler process to a green card should be more accessible but given the link to your site there is clearly an ulterior motive on your part. Ideally a foreigner could get to a green card easily and start a business easily unencumbered by any restrictions georgraphically. Or a separate start up visa is created that allows people to be free to do things without the need for others services.

  3. i predict that the coming administration will start deporting illegal aliens because unemployment will reach 25% all those illegals that are on food stamps, wic, medicaid, free school meals etc will be deported because they are bankrupting the country with so many freebies

  4. Hi Jvill,
    Since you clearly have little understanding of US Immigration beyond what radical pundits say, there is no point responding rationally to your comment. By the way there is no program provided by the US Government called “medicaid”.

  5. Actually, there is such a program called “medicaid” and it is targetted to reach the lower income groups. In few states, illegal immigrants do have access to that program too.

    However, you are correct about not arguing with Jvill, the wannabe Dobbs!!

  6. Congrats on making it a whole year. Dedication – step 1.

    e3visa – There are both programs called medicaid as well as medicare. That being said I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    jvill – That’s quite offensive. Unemployment will not reach 25% – it’s already reversing. The only time we had 25% unemployment was in the great depression and it only climbed that high because of protectionism and other misguided policies.

    There are actually immigration policies that are helping to address the unemployment problem. For example the immigrant investor visa stipulates job creation as a prerequisite for a green card.

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