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E3 Visa Top Employers & Salaries of Australians Working in the US

A few years ago we published a list of the top employers specifically for the E-3 visa and at the time it was the first and as far as I can still only list of US employers who specifically employ Australians under the E-3 visa. Last we looked at the major statistics of E-3 Visa Applications and today we are going to present an updated list of employers along with some new information including average salaries, top jobs that are sponsored as well top locations that Australians work in the US under this work visa.

If you are a regular reader you will know that we have done similar lists for the H-1B work visa which is open to all nationalities and given the data is far more vast because of the volume (approx 16x more issued annually) there is more reason to update that regularly. However the E-3 visa may be the single biggest reason people come to The Visa Coach given there are very few resources online and almost none of these are good except for a couple of personal experience blogs.

Figure 1: Top 30 E3 Visa Employers

What is interesting about the above Top 30 US employers of Australians is that they only represent 13% of all the employees. In other words there is a long tail of employers that have sponsored Australians over the last 12 months, most of which just sponsored 1 person. To be exact there were 3,285 different US employers that sponsored Australians over the last year.

In the above list you can obviously see a lot famous tech companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple & Facebook along with some of the major consulting and finance brands like PWC, EY, Deloitte and Goldman Sachs. There are also a couple of well known brands to Australians like Westfield and Macquarie.  In general there is a good portion of the same brands that were on the 2009 list with Microsoft still on top. However there are certainly far more technology brands in the top section than on the employer list from 5 years ago.

Figure 2: Top E3 Visa Denied Application EmployersE3VisaDenialEmployers

This is a new list and largely done as a point of warning about the US Immigration system, the application process and the potential for wasted time and money, corruption and unscrupulous players. This isn’t any commentary on any of the above organizations as I know almost none of them other than Morgan Stanley who is also a Top 30 employer and one other. However these were the top employers who had their visa applications denied for the LCA for the E-3 visa over the past 12 months and you should be wary about anyone asking for money from you in advance to help you secure sponsorship and a US work visa.

Figure 3: Top Locations for Australians to Work in US

This list is probably largely no surprise to anyone based on general desires of place to live as well the population and nature of industries and companies that Australian professionals are working for in the US. In terms of hard numbers almost 30% work in New York City and about 60% are spread across the Top 12 cities listed here covering 9 different states and the District of Columbia. The 40% other proportion covers 713 different cities and towns around the US so there is broad number of places around America that Australians are working.

An important point to note is note where the denials of applications are happening. In general these are proportional to the applications but not always. New York State (of which over 90% is for New York City) represents 30% of applications but 37% of all denials. In fact New York State has more denials (241) than all other states barring itself, California and Texas have approvals. California is the next highest with 25% of all denials versus 23% of all approvals. With 60% of all denials between these 2 states it is important to realize while the desire might be the highest to move here it also the most competitive for foreigners in general as well as Australians and thus also most prone to non-professional or worse behavior.

Figure 4: Top Jobs for Australians Working in the US
The nature of specifying a job on your ETA-9035(e) application to get your approved Labor Condition Application (LCA) for your E-3 visa is largely based on the way the prevailing wage works and the official sources of information where you can lookup this information. This is why these job titles look funny and broad in nature and may actually differ from the company job title you have that would be on a business card.

These categories in total comprise 54% of the total of all job roles on the E-3 visa over the past 12 months and the remaining 46% cover over 250 other job roles. In general IT Developers, Marketing, Senior Management and Finance roles dominate which correspond strongly with the companies that are top employers.

Figure 5: E3 Visa Salaries for Australian Workers in the US

For the approved applications over the past 12 months for the E-3 visa this was the annual salary level on the application paid to Australians. As you can see 63% of the salaries are between $50,000 USD and $150,000 USD and about 15% of the salaries are greater than $150,000.

Interestingly a couple of the very low salaries were as low as $17,000 USD and looking at the individual cases they were for farming type jobs in Georgia which would be seen to breach the bachelor’s degree, specialty occupation and prevailing wage conditions. I would guess in most cases these would be denied and may have been denied once they went for the US Consulate interview. The highest salary was one person and was $1.25M USD.

Top 100 Companies & Salaries for Foreigners Seeking Jobs in US

Below is a list of the Top 100 employers for foreigners to the US primarily sponsoring them under the H-1B visa but also the E-3 Visa and O-1 Visa. This data comes from the Immigration fiscal year of 2012 and presents some interesting points of analysis.

  • 54% of the Top 100 Companies are some form of Consulting organization with over 6 in 10 of these consulting employers exclusively focussed on IT
  • The average salary paid to foreign workers in the Top 100 companies is around $85K which is far higher than overall US averages
  • Barclays Capital, Apple and Goldman Sachs are the Top 3 employers for average level each exceeding $120K per employee
  • Education has lowest average of any Industry sector at about $65K per employee (NB: Education employees often don’t count against annual caps)
  • 70% of the Top 20 Companies are headquartered in the US
Rank H1B Visa Sponsor LCA Petitions Average Salary Industry
1 Tata Consultancy Services 5,416 $63,502 IT Consulting
2 Microsoft 4,251 $97,256 Software
3 IBM 3,906 $88,555 Consulting
4 Deloitte Consulting 3,632 $96,876 Consulting
5 Wipro 3,024 $80,553 IT Consulting
6 Larsen Toubro Infotech 2,746 $59,343 IT Consulting
7 Cognizant Technology Solutions 2,738 $66,640 IT Consulting
8 Intel 1,951 $98,545 Technology
9 HCL Technologies America 1,701 $70,123 Technology
10 Ernst Young 1,430 $97,144 Consulting
11 Deloitte Touche 1,390 $74,738 Consulting
12 Oracle 1,306 $103,196 Software
13 Google 1,305 $124,616 Internet
14 Satyam Computer Services 1,263 $71,228 IT Consulting
15 Accenture 1,253 $74,765 Consulting
16 Qualcomm 1,225 $101,446 Technology
17 UST Global 1,210 $60,944 IT Consulting
18 Infosys Technologies 1,191 $70,486 IT Consulting
19 Fujitsu Laboratories OF America 1,127 $80,883 Technology
20 Patni Americas 1,078 $64,942 IT Consulting
21 Apple 803 $121,415 Technology
22 Hewlett Packard 775 $100,966 Technology
23 Cummins 772 $70,347 Manufacturing
24 System Soft Technologies 750 $54,863 IT Consulting
25 Goldman Sachs 696 $120,753 Finance
26 Mphasis 670 $72,480 IT Consulting
27 Bank of America 651 $103,490 Finance
28 JPMorgan Chase 630 $107,056 Finance
29 Amazon com 623 $102,056 Internet
30 CitiGroup 617 $114,659 Finance
31 EMC 571 $93,165 Technology
32 Marlabs 546 $67,139 IT Consulting
33 Capgemini 534 $107,518 Consulting
34 KPMG 514 $89,943 Consulting
35 Yahoo 512 $113,987 Internet
36 Rite Aid 492 $117,514 Retail
37 Management Health Systems 492 $64,792 Health
38 CVS Pharmacy 491 $119,098 Retail
39 iTech US 479 $71,778 Software
40 Ericsson 464 $86,567 Technology
41 Ebay 462 $111,363 Internet
42 Pricewaterhousecoopers 458 $69,198 Consulting
43 Kpit Infosystems 454 $58,413 IT Consulting
44 HCL Systems 450 $70,795 IT Consulting
45 Wal Mart Associates 447 $98,671 Retail
46 Cisco Systems 433 $115,556 Technology
47 Broadcom 433 $104,417 Technology
48 Barclays Capital 418 $126,434 Finance
49 Merrill Lynch 411 $112,455 Finance
50 National Institutes Of Health, Hhs 408 $74,128 Health
51 V Soft Consulting Group 405 $53,545 IT Consulting
52 Dell 404 $96,827 Technology
53 Hexaware Technologies 396 $64,230 IT Consulting
54 Micron Technology 390 $84,666 Technology
55 Jcg Technologies 386 $64,718 IT Consulting
56 GlobalValue Consulting 381 $65,925 Consulting
57 University of Michigan 376 $61,678 Education
58 University of Pittsburgh 374 $81,508 Education
59 Accenture Technology Solutions 374 $72,594 IT Consulting
60 HSBC Bank 364 $99,108 Finance
61 CSC Covansys 358 $81,906 IT Consulting
62 University Of Pennsylvania 358 $62,923 Education
63 Johns Hopkins University 351 $55,367 Education
64 Keane 346 $97,983 IT Consulting
65 3i Infotech Consulting 341 $59,774 IT Consulting
66 Yale University 339 $60,619 Education
67 Motorola Mobility 338 $95,754 Technology
68 Vedicsoft Solutions 336 $64,984 IT Consulting
69 Verinon Technology Solutions 334 $63,951 IT Consulting
70 Capgemini Financial Services 331 $86,783 Finance
71 Multivision 330 $72,021 IT Consulting
72 Texas Instruments 329 $92,357 Technology
73 VMWare 327 $109,116 Software
74 Tech Mahindra americas 321 $66,941 IT Consulting
75 UBS AG 320 $103,439 Finance
76 Mastech, Inc 320 $85,151 Technology
77 Polaris Software Lab 320 $66,139 Consulting
78 Headstrong Services 319 $86,259 Finance
79 Credit Suisse First Boston 317 $110,834 Finance
80 Symantec 317 $109,172 Software
81 Populus Group 317 $89,975 Consulting
82 Compunnel Software Group 315 $67,569 Software
83 Infosys Limited 312 $79,664 IT Consulting
84 Zylog Systems 311 $69,971 Consulting
85 Morgan Stanley 308 $111,935 Finance
86 Baltimore City Public School System 308 $65,630 Education
87 Sapphire Technologies, Lp 307 $95,348 Technology
88 Bloomberg 304 $109,062 Finance
89 Oracle Financial Services Software, Inc 303 $70,784 Finance
90 Deloitte Tax 299 $78,519 Finance
91 Stanford University 299 $71,340 Education
92 Verizon Communications 296 $88,917 Telecommunications
93 Dallas Independent School District 290 $47,885 Education
94 Schlumberger Technology 286 $74,367 IT Consulting
95 Harvard University 286 $65,512 Education
96 Marvell Semiconductor 285 $95,886 Technology
97 PayPal 284 $111,082 Internet
98 Apex Technology Systems 278 $63,003 IT Consulting
99 Columbia University 275 $72,046 Education
100 Virgo 275 $57,910 Engineering