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Green Card Renewal & Costs

The best way to know how to renew a Green Card is to apply to replace a permanent resident card, which can be done online. A number of requirements are needed of you before renewing your Green Card, as shown below.

Apply for renewal within 6 months of expiration

It is recommended that you fill out your renewal form at least 6 months before the expiry date. This makes it possible for you to receive your card in good time, so that you do not undergo much hassles in the process. While your card is being renewed, you will receive a temporary proof of status, which is evidence of your residence in the U.S. while your card is being processed. The temporary proof of status lasts for a year, and you will receive your renewed status 10 to 12 months after your application.

Know the different renewal forms if your status has changed

Depending on the reason why you are applying for a renewed status, there may be different forms to use that you need to know about. Your card may have been stolen, lost or mutilated, or you may have changed your name for any particular reason. Even a change of address requires a specialized renewal form, so if any of these have affected your status, check the form names and numbers before filling them out.

Get the renewal fee beforehand

The charges for renewing a Green Card is $110, and if you have any other special needs to do with your card, additional fees may be required. It is best that you set aside this amount and a little extra some time before your card expires to save you from last minute rush.

Check the version of Green Card you have

Some versions of the Green Card have no expiration dates, while others are just older versions of the current Green Card in use. Whichever the case, you need to know how to renew the Green Card that you have, which is different for each.

Know what happens in case your renewal request is delayed

There are some things that can happen if your renewal is delayed. First of all, you will not lose your status as a permanent residence of the U.S. if your Green Card expires. However, getting a job or benefits, or entering the States from abroad will be quite difficult, because you need to prove that you are in the country legally. Your temporary proof of status serves its purpose for you as you await your renewed Green Card.

Also, you will not be penalized if your Card is past due. Simply fill out the needed forms, pay the fee and wait for the process to be completed. In case you have delayed applying for renewal because you cannot raise the fee on time, you can apply for a waiver, but you will need to go to your local USCIS office in person to do it.

Guest Post Author
Dennis Mugira

Green Card Lottery Update (DV-2011 Lottery) – October 2009

The DV-2011 Green Card Lottery has now been open for 3 weeks approximately and millions of people from around the world have already applied at the Official Green Card Lottery site.

Many also have noted many issues with the site this year particular with checking and uploading their photo as per the specific green card lottery requirements. Please continue to try as it seems like a sporadic issue and many people have successfully applied.

Some of the questions we have been getting this year revolve around the;

Spouse Condition: In the US for a foreign immigrant and for this application, a spouse is someone you are legally married too and must be man/woman relationship. The US does not recognize common law, defacto or gay marriage for foreigners so if you have someone like this they will need to apply for the lottery separately. If one of you win and you are in a heterosexual relationship, you will have to marry your spouse for them to be able to come to the US under your application.

Documenting Children: All non US citizen children must be documented on the application as this can be grounds for disqualification. This is required even if you are not married or in a relationship with the other parent.

Countries Allowed to Apply: We documented in your link at the top for the DV-2011 which countries’ citizens are not allowed to apply. The only exception to this if you are a citizen of these countries is if at the time of your birth one of your parents was not a legal permanent resident or citizen of this country and was a citizen of an eligible country

Social Security: For this question it means, have you ever applied for a US Social Security number and not one in any other country

Pending Permanent Residency & US Visa Applications: Anyone currently on a US visa or applying for one, or going through a current Permanent Residency Application (Green Card Application) including t applications for the K1 Visa for Fiancees of US Citizens and the K3 Marriage Visa for spouses of US citizens can freely apply for the Green Card Lottery without any affect negatively to their status, visa or application.

The Green Card Lottery ends at the end of November so while getting your application early doesn’t mean you increase your chances, it is one thing less to worry about in case something happens to the site or you just forget because of the hectic nature of your own life.

Please also beware of the many scams operating at this time. You do not need to pay anything to apply for the Green Card Lottery as it is completely free via the US State Department official website.

Good Luck,